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Private Peaceful

No description

James Lee

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Private Peaceful

Michael Morpurgo
Private Peaceful
Book Review
By James Lee
What can we infer about the
book from its cover?
There were a lot of themes and
messages the book had.

War and Peace - this is an obvious message
that goes on at the end of the book. It shows the
situations Thomas and Charlie are in.

Love and Jealousy - this practically only suits Molly, Charlie and Tommo as the two brothers constantly show love to Molly but Charlie ends up with Molly which makes Tommo jealous.

Love for family - how Charlie always supports Tommo whenever he's feeling down or in danger. And how Charlie and Tommow always stand up for big Joe and for their mother.

Unfairness of life - how the Colonel basically controlled the Peaceful family's life such as their shelter and wealth. Also, how Charlie and Tommo were forced into war.
Main Characters
-Thomas Peaceful (Tommo)
-Charlie Peaceful (Tommo's old brother)
-Molly Monks (Charlie's wife)
-Tommo's Mother
-Big Joe (Tommo's eldest brother)
-The Colonel
The book is basically about a family that live in a small rural village in England. It was a family of five, which was the father, mother, Charlie, Big Joe, and Thomas Peaceful. The Peaceful family lived a happy and enjoying life when their father suddenly passed away from an accident. That's when the bad starts. The Colonel starts to stick on to the Peaceful family and saying that they had to leave their cottage. So then Tommo's mother decides to go to work in the Colonel's big house in order to protect their family.
During this hard time, there was a girl named Molly who at least made the family's life less miserable. Especially Charlie and Tommo's. She was kind and friendly which probably made Charlie and Tommo fall in love with her. She then started coming to their house almost every day. She was basically a part of the family now.
After living a fair life of their own and Charlie and Tommo now working as well, news about the war start to notify the village people. Some time later Charlie and Tommo step forward to enter the war. Mainly to protect their family and partially because of the Colonel. As soon as everything was safe and was going well, Charlie faces a punishment of death.
Main Quotes
I am so proud of him for that. I have the bravest brother in the world. (p24)
Then Charlie would be there beside me, and everything would be all right again. Charlie always made things all right again. (p34)
Charlie could have left me there. he could have made a run for it and got clean away, but Charlie’s not like that. He never has been. (p49)
Charlie & Molly left school and I was alone. (p53)
“They say we’ll always be together, the three of us, for ever and ever.” (p45)
I wanted to kiss her again, then, but I didn’t date. That has always been my trouble. I’ve never dared enough. (p70)
Things were changing between us. Charlie didn’t treat me like a boy anymore, and I liked that, I liked that a lot. (p70)
I didn’t want any enemy soldier ever setting foot on our soil, on my place. I would do all I could to stop him and to protect the people I loved. (p102-3)
I think that the book "Private Peaceful" is a wonderful book to read. I would recommend this book to teenagers that want to enjoy and collect information from the book at the same time.
I loved how this book entertained me, but also informed me about history. About how life was back then and how harsh it was to live life.
I think Michael Morpurgo is a great author who knows what he's doing.
I hated books which was a surprise because I actually finished the book and for the first time enjoyed it. So people out their that are like me and hate to read books, I suggest that you start with this book.
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