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cruel experimentation

No description

corry portee

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of cruel experimentation

cruel experimentation Born in captivity by scientist with only one reason for life and thats to be experimented on. scientist experimenting on baboons to find cures for many dangerous diseases such as AIDS , cancer,and soo on...but it puts them through so much pain As a tolerable loss as the scientist
say thousands are sacrificed each year Scientist believe animal testing
will find the cure for all of todays
diseases but at what cost will the scientist take this experimenting to? Until there all extinct? Many americans believe that animal experimentation should be abolished and there should be an alternative route for research. With the necessary attempts for cures as the scientist say, but with the cost of even a bigger situation that is possible infecting humans with primate viruses. With the percentile of more than 52% depleted when will the reasearch end? Perhaps if you let the baboons use their intellect mabye they could find a cure many diseases without harming anything. by Corry Portee
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