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Abigail- from the Bible.

india glassbrook

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Abigail

The woman of great righteousness Abigail Key scriptures To remember! Abigail was the wife of a rich, Israelite, Landowner-Nabal. Abigail was apparently a very attractive woman. Abigail: Her background Note: All these scriptures involve
1 Samuel 25: 2,3
1 Samuel 25: 14-20
She was Beautiful In form Haman-Abigails husband- was a selfish man. Abigail found it very hard to love him. King David and his men were plotting to KILL Haman! Whats the story?? What would Abigail do? When Abigail heard of this plan, she knew she had to help Haman, even if he treated her badly. She immediately stocked a large amount of food. Much like Jacob had done before meeting Esau. Without saying anything to her husband, she rode to meet David, and in a long and fervent plea, which manifested wisdom and logic as well as respect and humility, she convinced David that her husband’s senseless words did not justify the unrighteous shedding of blood or the failure to trust in Jehovah to settle the matter in a right way himself. (1Sa 25:14-20, 23-31) David thanked God for the woman’s good sense and quick action. Returning home, Abigail waited for her husband to sober up from a drunken feast and then informed him of her actions. Now “his heart came to be dead inside him, and he himself became as a stone,” The Conclusion.. After 10 days Jehovah killed Haman. What was Haman's conclusion.. When David heard this he proposed to Abigail <3
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