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No description

Kasi Lopez

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Tweak SSR PROJECT FINAL

A memoir by Nic Sheff Tweak Rhetorical Square Logic Triangle IMAGES TWEAK QUOTES 1. "I remember being in L.A at my mom's house as a little kid and just staring into the mirrors for hours. It was like, if I looked long enough, maybe I'd be handsome. It never worked. I just got uglier and uglier. "(36) Argument: Summary In his memoir, Nic Sheff take us through his life as an addict and his actions and thoughts while high and on the go, under the influence of crystal meth and later heroin. Talks about:
-his addiction itself
-the thought process of himself while on meth and heroin
-what he observed first hand on the streets along with his own experiences
-his rehab visits and programs
-a memoir by Nic Sheff Nic's novel, being a memoir is mostly just a wide accumulation of events of his life leading up to his addiction and scenes of his life before meth and heroin. He takes his readers on a journey through life living on his own, scrounging for cash, and ways to feed his addiction, the whole time knowing that he couldn't live without it, but not caring enough to stop it Nic does however develop an argument in which he knows for a fact that the only way an addict can be treated is if they seek help themselves. He knows first hand how serious drug addiction is and if an addict is not willing, no progress toward rehabilitation will be made. He claims that without an addict's want to get better, they never will. Although outside help and support can be useful, it very difficult to treat an addict for something they don't want to be treated for. Introduction:
-Nic Sheff from San Francisco California, writers his story as a current, and recovering addict of crystal meth. He continued to write even on the go and shares his experiences with his audience along the way. Subject Speaker: Purpose Audience tweak Nic Sheff speaking as current and later recovering meth and heroin addict. The serious issue of drug abuse and its affect on the rational mind. Nic writes to both relate to his audience and provide clarity to loved ones of substance abusers. His audience is both addicts or recovering addicts, as well as friends and family members dealing with their loved ones addiction There was not a lot of actual
logic in Sheff's memoir,
much to do with his style
of writing. ETHOS Sheff demonstrates much of his logic with ethos and is where he successfully develops credibility. Sheff demonstrates ethos in his rhetoric with use of
-personal anecdotes
-diction PATHOS A lot of the authors use of Pathos is mostly in his anecdotes. Nic emotionally affects the audience by describing in detail events that occured during his childhood along with situations he was put into because of his addiction. I found this quote to be revelent because it shows how Nic felt about himself, an insecurity that he covered up with drug use. In importance to his argument it shows that how someone feels about themselves is going to affect them, and only they can tell themselves that that is not true, then they can move on and help themselves. 2. "Its like there are 7 candles lit in my stomach. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Seven candles burning and smoking-lit- seven flames of doubt, fear, sorrow, pain, waste, hopelessness, despair. They turn my insides to black with soot and ash. There is something at the back of my eyes-a pressure so building, building, building - hot like the flames of seven candles, which no amount o breath can extinguish."(109) The importance of this quote is that I shows weakness in the writer. At points of absolute highs where he feels that he's on top of the world, here is where he start to actually see that the drugs aren't permanently easing his pain, but making it worse. QUOTES CONTINUED 3. "I've come to discover that holding on to secrets about who I am and where I have come from is toxic. My secrets will kill me. If I dont get honest about my life, I cannot have recovery."(322) This quote sums up the thesis.
(Take from the Epilogue) "Isn't that the greatest gift in the world- just not to care?" SSR PROJECT FINAL Kasi Lopez- Fernandes; period 6
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