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Go Paperless! How to Utilize Digital Technology to Improve Safety Management

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Anthony Krake

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of Go Paperless! How to Utilize Digital Technology to Improve Safety Management

Move the elements
Create a unique layout
Create Electronic Forms Easily!
Created 1564
For 451 Years We've been writing our thoughts with a pencil... its time for a change.
Document Management
The struggle of never having the right document when you need them.
The Solution to Document Management?
The Cloud
What is the Cloud?
Everything Else
Off site Storage Accessible through the Internet
How Can You Utilize "The Cloud"?
Chances are many of you already are!
Google Drive
One of my personal favorite.. Evernote
Implementing a cloud system is easy!
Improve personal organization or team collaboration
Next-Decide How Many People Need Access
Is this just personal use?
Does your entire team need access?
Do you need external collaborates?
Choose a solution that fits your needs and your budget
Most Cloud Solutions are a Price/User Basis
However, individual use, most clouds are FREE!
Box- $15/User for Basic $25/User Advanced
Data limitations apply but 2GB is standard! That's a ton of data!
Organize and Distribute Your Cloud to Best Fit Your Style and Personal Needs
Safety Specific Apps Every Safety Professional Needs
There's too many choices!

How can you choose?
Main Choices
Samsung Galaxy
Everybody makes Android!
Except Apple
OS: 7, 8, 10
Windows Phone
Go Paperless! How to Utilize Digital Technology to Improve Safety Management
Anthony Krake
Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors
Environmental, Safety & Quality Manager
Who owns a smart phone?
Did you know amazon has a cloud included with every prime membership?

"Clouds" are EVERYWHERE
But why are clouds so important?
Clouds allow you to access all your information, at any time, from any internet-enabled device
No More Paper!
Go Digital!
Start by Identifying Our Needs
We NEED to:
1. Access Files Quickly from Anywhere
2. We Need to Improve Workflow and Collaboration with Team Members
3. Complete and disseminate reports quickly and easily without a computer

Next, Who Needs Access to Your Files?
Is This:
1. Just for Personal Use?
2. Internal Use Only?
3. External Collaborators?
Did you remember to schedule
the Pre-Con meeting with
subcontractors for tomorrow?

Remember I told you about it 3 weeks ago?
The key to a smooth project is collaboration and communication
How many of you get texts like these?
Utilize Apps and the Cloud Together!
Move the elements
Create a unique layout
Manufacturer's Applications
How Can I Keep My Information Secure?
"For every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick it"
-David Bernstein
You Can Secure Mobile Devices Cheaply and Easily Using
Mobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management is administration of mobile devices (phones, tablets, computers, etc) to ensure employees stay productive and don't breach company protocol.
This can include managing:
Applications Being Installed
Downloading or forwarding of company information
Remotely Erasing Device if lost, stolen, or compromised
MDM can be implemented using third party companies (or apple devices for large scale implementation)
End Users Enable Compliance Policies, Distribution, and total management remotely.
So what does this all mean?
I use MAAS 360 by IBM
I utilize:
passcodes requirements
limit data usage
blacklist social media
and other applications
Erase Devices Upon Being Compromised
Push Applications (Including Purchased Ones)
Prevent opening files outside of managed space
Prevent downloading of contact list
What does it look like?
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