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Germany: The Rise of Rebellion

Throughout the years following WWI, Germany, albeit quietly, made many political and strategic decisions to rise to power, including undermining peace treaties and brainwashing their own youth.

Morgan Higgins

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Germany: The Rise of Rebellion

Treaty of Versailles Hitler Youth Signed: June 28, 1919 ended war between Germany and Allied Powers Made Germany take responsibility for war and pay restititution.
(132 billion marcs/then 31.4 billion dollars)
Impact called for trial for war crimes
German territories downsized
Economic strain increased exponentially
Economy would have to be reconstucted
Reparations would have to be payed.
Colonies rich in raw materials were stripped.
Led to Economic Crisis of 1923 Political outcasts
isolated from trade
shambled government Fall of Democracy and Nazi Rise No plan of action for the economic crisis could be found, leading to the decline of Germany's democratic government.
Germany embraced right wing policies (Nazi) in fear of Communism.
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