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The Triassic Period

No description

Triassic Period

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of The Triassic Period

Pangaea Triassic Info THE TRIASSIC PERIOD By Amber Miller, Brooke Delaney, Hailyn Park, and Madelyn Rovira Triassic Animals Plants of the Triassic Period Fossils Found from the Triassic Period By: Amber, Brooke, Hailyn, and Madelyn TRIASSIC PERIOD -Came after the great Permian Extinction

-Almost 2/3 of life on earth was extinct in the beginning

-Wasn't until the middle of the Triassic Period that plants and animals were able to recover from the disaster -Lasted from 245-208 million years ago

-Climate was hot and dry, occasional violent monsoons This is what the continents looked like around the Triassic Period Rise of the: Age of the: Fall of the: Reptiles -In between the Permian and Jurrassic Periods

-In the Mesozoic Era Mammals Amphibians Some amphibians and ammonites became extinct within the first 5 million years of the period Examples of Triassic Animals Herrerasaurus
(dinosaur/reptile) Aphaneramma
(amphibian) Morganucodon
(mammal) The Environment Fern Neusticosaurus Morganucodon Fern Common Trees Fossils of Plants -During this time, Pangaea started to break apart -Oxygen levels reached its lowest in 500+ million years Triassic Visit Morganucodon Fern
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