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No description

Tina Johnson

on 27 July 2014

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Transcript of Education

BME Wartburg College - Music
MA St. Xavier University - Educational Leadership
Advanced Studies - Aurora University
* Principal Certification
* Director of Instruction

1. Create
2. Develop
3. Supervision

Monroe Middle School
1. Data-based decision-making
2. Educator effectiveness process
3. Master scheduling process
Community Connection
Smart board 1 and 2
Educator Effectiveness Module
CESA #2 Title 1
Crisis Intervention
Love & Logic
Special Education
Data-based decision-making
Educator Effectiveness Process
Master Scheduling Process
BCT - Building Consultation Team
An open forum for teachers to gather and discuss solutions for behavior and/or academic struggles or enrichment
School Safety Plan
*Collaboration with area school administration
*Meetings with Building/Grounds Manager
*Partnership with local law enforcement
5 Year RtI map
* Training
* Collaboration
* Proactive process

Schedule for Jr. High Math and L.A. Block
*Geared toward individual student instruction

Positive Rapport
* Based on trust and support

Fine Arts Coordinator
* Responsible for Fine Arts team re: content, common core
alignment, school wide events/productions
* Facilitate meetings among faculty regarding ways to provide more
cross curricular alignment
*Provide consultation for teachers in both a group setting and 1:1
*Assist with planning and differentiation
*Mediate for a variety of minor behavioral infractions
*student : student conflict
*student : teacher conflict
*teacher : teacher conflict
Title 1/Intervention
Mentor to new faculty in the position
*Encourage the process
*Monitor organization, documentation and goal writing
CBA - Curriculum Based Assessment
CBM - Curriculum Based Measurement
Analysis of Data
*Student test scores
*Local assessment
Individualized Education

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
Domain 2: Classroom Environment
Domain 3: Instruction
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

*Student need
*Special programs
*Singletons and doubletons
*Team teaching
*Parallel classes
*Tallies and sections
Google Chrome
Executive Director - PTO Silent/Live Auction
School/Community Liason
Community Theatre
YMCA Coach
I Am...
Driven - Goal Oriented
Cognitively Aware
Ability to Empower Others
Preparation + Opportunity = Success
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