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Damian Lopez

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of kauai

Kauai's weather ranges between 84 and 69 degrees.

The ocean's temperature ranges from 71 to 81 degrees year round.
Kauai's rain forest known as Mt. Waialeale
receives over 400 inches of rainfall each year.
Rainfall mostly occurs at night.
Kauai is also windy and the wind helps keep the visitors cool.
Kauai has different kinds of animals. They have animals that live on land, animals that live underwater, and birds.
Land animals
They have gekos, wild boars, deer, mongoose, and hoary bats.
Sea life
They have humpback whales, dolphins, monk seals, turtles, and fish
They have many different birds such as Akepa, Akiapola'au, Akohekohe, Amakihi, Apanane, Elepaio, Hawaii creeper, lo, 'I'iwi, Nene goose, Omao, Palila, and Pueo.
Kauai also has many flowers, plants, and trees.
In conclusion Kauai is a great place to go to. It has nice weather and a lot of different kinds of animals. It also has a lot of different plants, trees, and flowers.
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