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The Sixties

No description

lissette becherano

on 25 May 2012

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Transcript of The Sixties

1960-1964 Fun facts Population: 177,830,000 National Debt: $286.3 Billion Average Salary: $4,743 Minimum Wage: $1.00 Life Expectancy: Males 67 years, Females 73 years Auto deaths: 21 per 100,000 An estimated 850,000 "war baby" freshmen enter college Major Events Much Violence Cold War Civil Rights Movement Berlin Wall Space race Nikita Kruschev (1955 - 1964) Cuban Missile Crisis Wars Cold War Vietnam War Martin Luther King, Jr. First Civil Rights bill in 1964 First sit ins by african american groups Changing Decade Women Gay Rights National Organization for Women Civil Rights Act John F. Kennedy In 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald 1955 to 1975 U.S. involvement in 1961 1945 - 1991 Violence because of drafting Dwight Eisenhower (1953 - 1961) John Kennedy (1961 - 1963) Lyndon Johnson (1963 - 1969) Today: $14.2 Trillion Today: $7.25 Today: Males 76 years, Females 81 years Science and technology Space race Improved space technology Birth control pills Abortion Artificial insemination Heart transplant Computers Spacewar (1962) BASIC (1964) Other inventions Telecan (1963) Color Television (1964) The Media Broadway Musicals Movies Disney movies for whole family James Bond popular Marilyn Monroe Audrey Hepburn Television American Bandstand the Twist the Swim the Monkey the Jerk Cartoons Sitcoms The Flintstones The Jetsons Get Smart Supernatural The Addams Family Star Trek Bewitched Music Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Motown, Protest Songs, and musicals Artists: Jimi Hendrix The Doors Eric Clapton Bob Marley Jackson 5 Rolling Stones Joe Cocker Santana The Beatles
“Fab Four” Beatlemania Ed Sullivan Show
(73 million viewers) Art and Literature Artists Andy Warhol Helen Frankenthaler Alexander Calder Forms of art Assemblage art Op art Environmental art Pop art Literature Reflected what the people were thinking and feeling. The political and social issues of the time. To Kill A Mockingbird - Harper Lee Women began to write and affect people's thoughts. Gwendolyn Brooks Maya Angelou Margaret Walker Alexander Mary McCarthy Gloria Steinem The techonology would someday change the world. Understanding Media - Marshall McLuhan Childrens literature Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak Fashion and Fads Fads Skateboards Mood Rings Peace Signs Lava Lamps Tie Dye Smiley Faces Early 60s Men: Crew Cuts Button down, plaid shirts Women: Big hair Knee-length dresses Men: Longer hair with beards and mustaches Sport jackets Polyester pants Turtlenecks Women: Miniskirts or short shorts Go-Go Boots Very short hair or long and thin 1963 - 1964 Sports and Activities Six Olympic Games FIFA World Cup Ice hockey Basketball Otis Davis Muhammad Ali Brazil won the world cup in 1962 Major Sports: Baseball Basketball Tennis Football Sandy Koufax won Cy Young Award Abner Haynes and Joe Namath Bill Russel and Wilt Chamberlain Arthur Ashe first black man to win U.S. Tennis Championship Toys and Games Barbie dolls G.I. Joe action figures Troll dolls Slot cars Twister Food Fast food and chains McDonalds Kentucky Fried Chicken Burger King Healthy food Vegetarianism Organic food Today: 308,400,000 Unemployment: 3,852,000 Today: 14,485,000 Today: $40,584 Today: 10.2 Snacks Sprite Coffee-Mate Pop-Tarts Lucky Charms Pringles Ruffles Cool Whip Tang Apple Jacks Doritos Dominos Pizza Taco Bell Red Lobster Wendy's Indian Island - Agatha Christie The Murders The scene of the crime. THE END :D
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