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Ever Wonder who Deadpool is? Think he's awesome? watch da prezi.

Exodus .

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Who Is DEADPOOL???

Who is He?
Deadpool was a victim of the Weapon X project. This was a project where a crazy guy experimented on people. People often died in these projects so every day the subjects-including Wolverine, Sabertooth, Silver Fox and Maverick- would cast a dead pool (gamble) on who would die next. Eventually, the professor died and Wade Wilson became Deadpool.
Uhhh... Sane?
Absolutely NOT!!! The project took a lot of his sanity, but that makes him AWESOME!!! He will start rattling off insults at his opponent, in mid-battle he'll crack a joke or bad pun, and even break-dance to avoid gun fire! But, while being funny, he has beast merc skills!
Wade Wilson?
His only known alter-ego for Deadpool was Wade Wilson. But, it was later told that it was a name he took from a man he
he killed who later became Deadpool's archenemy. But, that was proven wrong when Deadpool's memories were restored. It turned out that T-ray (his nemesis) had framed him!
Funny comes first then you think of the consequences!
By: Exodus
NAME: ???
POWERS: Health/Strength/Agility Factors;
FROM: Canada
WEAPONS: Swords, Guns, Grenades
If you look, Deadpool has a lot of pouches on his belt. in most of these pouches, he carrys spare organs even though he grows new ones with his healing factor. Another fact: All of his speech bubbles are yellow AND he loves chimichangas! He is not exactly stable and in most heroes opinion VERY annoying (particularly Spider-man's opinion)
* Rhino is a supervillain
Why would Deadpool volunteer for Weapon X
Simple. Because he had cancer and he thought the healing factor would cure it. Good news, he was right. Bad news, it horribly scarred his body AND took away most of his sanity.
• www.marvel.com/universe
that's it.
Spider man is awesome!
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