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Women Social Night Life in Baku

No description

Noemí S. Rabbia

on 25 December 2013

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Transcript of Women Social Night Life in Baku

Women in the
Social Night Life
of Baku

General Overview
Why choose this topic?
The stares

Tasting the research field...
Hunting season
Men's field
Questions, Hypothesis and Variables
How are the women looked upon in the Social Night life of Baku?
Do women have the same social attendance/acceptance as men?
Fancy bars have higher presence of women
WSNL in Baku is lower than for men
WSNL in Baku is accepted, but with limitations
Women in Social Night Life in Baku: women attending bars or night clubs in the evening in Baku

Women attendance in social night places
Degree of acceptance

Main goals
Qualitative and
exploratory research
Primary sources:

Thank you for
your attention!
Party Mood
I don't wantstay
at home on Friday1

Tiesto's Concert
on Friday!!!

Surverys' Results
Dark Room, Secrets, Finnegans, Fenix and Room
2 night clubs:
Pasifico & Eleven
Tiesto's Concert:

Women usually do not go out to such place at night
Fancy places
have higher attendance of women
Internationals and Azerbaijanis
Men in fancy places are with their pairs
2 male bartenders, one waitress
*"Women do not come to these places because they feel
they would be looked down upon, and they actually are".
*""Most are afraid that they be looked upon, and gain bad reputation because of that".
"Of course women come to bars and clubs, but they are mostly the same faces every time or ones accompanied by someone"

Bias & Limitations
Reluctance to respond to survey
Observations: subjective
Respondants level of education: BA and MA
Beers drunk and Data Reliability Relation
Inverse Proportionality across time
70 surveys
Male 29%
Female 71%
Azerbaijan 70%
Others 30%
WSNLB is lower than men
Strongly Agree 42%
Agree 54%
Women with active SNLB have more negative reputation
Yes 87% (80% Azerbaijan)
Women are expected to stay at home during the evening
Agree 42%
Strongly Agree 42%
People have a prejudice about WSNL in Baku
Agree 46%
Strongly Agree 43%
It is more appropriate for women to go out with a brother or boyfriend instead of alone or with female friends
Agree 32%
Strongly Agree 27%
Disagree 24%
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