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Celebrities and Their Negative Effect on Youth

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Mehr Nagrani

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Celebrities and Their Negative Effect on Youth


When one looks into a dictionary and searches for the word, celebrity, the following terms appear: “famous person/name,” “VIP,” “very important person,” “personality,” “newsmaker name,” “star,” and “superstar movie star.” If one were to ask a random individual who their role model is they would more likely say a celebrity name rather than a relative, friend, or teacher and state that they’re their hero. However, a hero can be defined as, “one of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his/her brave deeds and noble qualities.” Despite all of this, celebrities seem to have a negative impact on the well-being of an individual and are the single most influential issue that define youth in today’s society.
Celebrities affect an individual’s culture.
Celebrities have a huge impact on an individual’s way of thinking and behavior.
What is the result of celebrity obsession?
millions of followers and likes on their social networking sites, fans tend to throw themselves at them and would beg for a follow back just to feel satisfied at the fact that someone well known knows them.
Celebrities and Their Negative Effect on Youth
What impact has celebrities had on an individual's beliefs?
Many celebrities have failed marriages and relationships and this also sends a message to the average person that marriage is not something that lasts. When a celebrity just gets tired of one partner they find another. I think we as “normal” people think our lives are boring and uneventful compared to a celebrity and so we try to do what they do and find total unhappiness.

Another influence celebrities have on our culture is that of invading ones privacy.

Find pleasure from observing the misery of others. Follow the trials of the rich and famous and observe with fascination as their relationship falls apart, they go bankrupt or succumb
to drug use. This allows one to gain satisfaction from their
ordinary lives.
By: Mehr N.
Celebrities affect the development, structure, and functioning of human society.
Can celebrities make a difference towards social problems such as the environment?
The environment can be helped through the efforts of individuals and each individual has a choice
There's generally an improvement when a celebrity is concerned because they are figureheads (role models) for many
People are more likely to recycle and make environmentally friendly actions when they see a celebrity encourage it when compared to a regular person on an advertisement
How do celebrities use their status for political influence in society?
If an individual that doesn't follow politics sees their favorite celebrity with a politician then that social influence could affect someone's view in that field.
When those that don't really research or follow politics see a celebrity that everyone loves and supports with that particular politician then they too would want that person to represent their country or city.
Example: Back in May 2012, George Clooney held a $40,000 a plate dinner for the president where they discussed issues like hunger and the Republicans and they raised $15 million for Obama's campaign
What impact does a celebrity have on an individual's self-confidence?
flawless appearance and skinny body, especially if that individual is a female.
teens all over the globe compare themselves to celebrities not taking into mind that they have professionals who assist them in appearing that particular way.
psychologist Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid, love/belonging is ranked third as everyone wants to be loved, wanted and belong/fit in with their peers
can go overboard, a great example being when one would starve themselves or plastic surgery which costs thousands of dollars in order to resemble a star
What purposes do Celebrities
serve in society?
magazines and newspapers at a grocery store to making appearances on your TV screen during shows and commercials, from billboard ads to being the latest talk at one’s school or workplace.
To provide
On Google’s search engine, the most commonly searched topics are in fact celebrities
as well
many problems in the world such as inflation, job losses, rising debt, and environmental issues, we simply turn our attention to the lives of a celebrity in order to keep ourselves occupied and ignore the real issues.
Fake as a celebrity online in order to feel wanted, as other fans of that same celebrity throw compliments at them and beg for their attention.
Celebrity Worship Syndrome: basically means that one treats celebrities like gods and the topic of fame, worship and tendencies to watch their lives is amusing. This ranges from simple obsession which is stalking their life and habits to erotomanic which is having dreams about the celebrity and believing you’re going to marry the celebrity.
Why do individuals feel so upset when a
celebrity dies?
How does a celebrity's lifestyle impact one's behavior?

phenomenon impacts more people than one typically expects
TV, movies, and the Internet are dominant fixtures in our lives which allow Celebrities to share parts of our lives with us. They are often with us at dinner, talking to us in the background of our home lives, and sometimes they tuck us in as we drift off to sleep through music. When they take on such a powerful role in daily life, we feel connected to them hence we want to know about their lives in the same way we would with a close friend. We begin to relate to them as friends, even though we have never met them and so we don't really expect their death. We start to believe that they'll be there forever to provide us with entertainment that they've given in many other occassions in our lives.

Celebrities have glamorized smoking in the media and are setting an example for supporters everywhere that it is acceptable
Physical appearance— too skinny with fake body parts (promotes the want for perfection)
Clothing style and brand endorsement—(too revealing)
Drinking and driving?
Modeling of drinking and drug use—in movies and in real life
Stars should make it a goal to refrain from using drugs and drinking excessive amounts of booze because it sends a message to fans that a life of drugs and alcohol is a satisfactory way to live. The stress of a celebrity can be difficult. We all encounter stress in our lives and finding a positive way of dealing with this stress teaches teens there is a solution that does not include alcohol and drugs.
Future Recommendation
What impact do celebrities have on one's values?
Many celebrities who are famous for doing nothing makes teenagers think that if they become a celebrity, they will have an easy life.

Not prepared to work hard at school because they become convinced that they can make their fortune by appearing on Canadian Idol or some other talent show.

They get the message that anyone can be famous and so would try ridiculous to receive fame from sites like YouTube etc.
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