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Nickle and Dimed

Book Report Presentation

Jenna Daughtry

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Nickle and Dimed

What Do I Do?
Nickel and Dimed:
1. Economics of Poverty
2. Intensive Labor
3. Shame and Solidarity

Intensive Labor
The jobs available are tough physically and emotionally
There is a lack of insurance to help with the negative impacts
Cost of living causes the need for multiple jobs
Shame and Solidarity
People look down on you because of your occupation
Your job consumes you and leaves little time for others
Constantly in question of theft
The people that can help you are keeping you there
Safe Haven Similarities
On (Not) Getting by in America
By: Barbara Ehrenreich
Who is she?
Journalist searching for answers to the question of how people make it working for minimum wage
She has written multiple articles and stories about poverty before this research which inspired her idea
Her father worked his way out of the mines in order to get his family into the middle-class and keep them from struggling through life and poverty
Economics of Poverty
Startup Costs
Minimum Wage
Help or lack there of
Part of the documentary: The American Ruling Class(2005)
Report by: Jenna Diane Daughtry
Families come as their last hope for a better future
Finding a job is tough in our economic times
Finding a home is huge struggle
Be encouraging
Share Resources
Empower and Enrich
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