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Ed's Glass

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of Ed's Glass

People respond to
not ads.
Ad Energy =
It's what you do when you
can't see someone in person.
Marketing Plan
A Sound Partnership
Marketing Plan
It's Effective
Your potential customers spend more time on a typical workday with radio than any other type of media.

92% of adults listen to radio an average of 20 hours per week.
Radio makes a personal connection with its listeners.

Radio is a personal yet mass media version of word of mouth.
It's Personal
The radio station they listen to is THEIR radio station.
We are not trying to create a market for your product...
We are trying to exploit the market that already exists and direct customers to your place of business.
How to Advertise
'Dominate' a station...
Imagine every ad is a salesperson working for you.
People shop All the time.
Run schedules that ensure the majority of listeners hear your commercial enough times to be effective.
and Motivate Consumers.
People often take their time before buying.
Ensure when someone needs your product or service, they think Ed's Glass!
Appeal to everyone - sell Features (practical) & Benefits (emotional) equally.
Be known BEFORE you're needed.
Why Radio?

Canadian Home Owners spent $17,000 on average for home renovations in 2015

39% say they plan to renovate their home
in the next 12 months.
According to Statistics Canada there are 9,542 private dwellings in the Portage la Prairie & RM area.
+ Frequency

+ Consistency

+ Creativity

+ Consistency
+ Creativity
Ed's Glass
How Ed's Glass can:
Sell windows and doors today.
Educate consumers (not everyone knows Ed's Glass).
Differentiate your business.
Generate new customers.
Promote competitive advantage.
Build brand and name awareness.
Wherever You Are...
Radio is There With You!
In the car, at home and at work.

Radio is always accessible.
Streaming online and on your mobile phone.
It’s in stores, restaurants and at the dentists office.
180 x 30-second commercials
15 commercials per week
Monday - Friday
All Weather Sponsor
3 x 10-second Liners per day (21 per week)
Monday - Sunday
April, May, and June 2016
April - October 2016
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