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Supersonic Skydiving: Falling with Style

Red Bull Stratos mission to the edge of space

James Sizeland

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Supersonic Skydiving: Falling with Style

Ascend into the stratosphere Mission: Supersonic Skydiving Falling with Style Freefall back to Earth Why? Push the limits of science, technology and the human body
-highest balloon ride
-highest freefall
-longest freefall
-fastest freefall (James has fun with Prezi) Attempting World Records for: 80% of atmospheric mass
99% of water vapor Mount Everest 8km 4km The Atmosphere 13km Skydiving Commercial Airliners Temperature inversion due to Ozone concentration absorbs UV radiation dynamic stability 39.045km Stratospheric Jump temperature has dropped to -56degC -20degC 19km Armstrong limit Altitude above which blood boils - due to low pressure 60 mbar makes water boil at 37degC Suit pressurised to 241mbar temperature shielded to -70degC allows movement for flight correction "Sometimes you have to go up really high to understand how small you are....... I'm going home now" - Felix Baumgartner The Descent <1% Breathable Oxygen Virtual Vacuum Felix jumps from the capsule Reaches velocity of 834mph freefalls 36.5km in 4mins 19secs that's mach 1.24 Pressurized suit and little air resistance
makes adjusting for spin difficult

Steady freefall achieved rapidly to avoid loss of consciousness before pulling parachute velocity
must be reduced to below 172mph
by increasing drag profile which does not beat the longest freefall time record Conclusions: Success! Develop spacesuit technology

Explore exposure to high altitude

Explore the effects of supersonic acceleration/deceleration on the human body in 30secs Not quite here yet Ascent in largest ever manned balloon made from strips of polypropylene 40 acres across filled with Helium human survived low pressure exposure up to Loss of consciousness after 14sec in vacuum 4mins internal gasses expand
respiration reversed
water vaporizes
nitrogen separation
body inflates and turns blue
severe burns from UV radiation
unlikely to freeze to death Impressive that the human body can survive this unharmed for almost 2 minutes due to the extreme
speed Designed by original spacesuit company 20mins of Oxygen Inspiration for breaking
further boundaries Despite perfect exit, begins to spin rapidly
little resistance makes correction tricky

Pull safety parachute, lose supersonic speed and risk running out of air
Battle the spin and risk losing consciousness Felix Reports a problem with his helmet heating
but proceeds with jump
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