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David Reimer: Unethical Gender Identity Experiment

No description

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of David Reimer: Unethical Gender Identity Experiment

David Reimer: Unethical Gender Identity Experiment
David Reimer
- Winnipeg, Canada
- Born as Bruce Reimer, twin brother: Brian
- Unsuccessful circumcision (resulting in a burned off penis) at 8 months old
- Turned to advice of Dr. Money, a prominent psychologist, specializing in gender identity

Dr. Money's Suggestions
- Gender change
- Parents were distraught, but agreed
- Bruce became Brenda
- Vulva construction and hormone supplements
- Raise her as a female and never tell her her true identity
- Nurture (upbringing) was stronger than nature (biology)
Dr. Money's Secret Agenda
- Prove that nurture (upbringing) is more important than nature (biology)
- Prove that babies are gender neutral for first 2 years
-Both boys have sessions with Dr. Money once a year
- Raise Brenda as a girl and provide hormone treatments
- Counseling sessions with Money
- At age, 14 Brenda was told what happened
- Decided to change to a boy and go by David

Ethical Issues
- Parents were misinformed
- Parents did not realize what was going on in meetings with Dr. Money
- Unaware that Money was calling their story a success, when it clearly was not
- Severe psychological damage was caused to the entire family
- Money published books describing
the case as a success, affecting ideas
of others in his field of study
- Money left out important details that
demonstrated issues
- David and Brian experienced many
psychological issues (depression,
isolation, bullied)
- Brian: schizophrenia, passed away from drug
- David: committed suicide at age 38
- Dr. Money suffered large blow to his
reputation in attempt to prove his gender
identity theory

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