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SOAR College Research Paper: University of Hawaii

No description

Nathan Levy

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of SOAR College Research Paper: University of Hawaii

SOAR College Research Paper: University of Hawaii
.University of Hawaii was founded in 1907 as a school of agriculture and mechanics

.During World War II, school was shut down for 2 months and protective gear(Gas masks,gloves,etc.) became a big part of the type of clothing students wore

.In 1972, the school was renamed the University of Hawaii at Manoa due to the other campuses of the UH system growing and expanding on other islands
.19 schools and colleges: School of Architecture, Earth Science and Technology,
College of Arts, Humanities, Business, Education, and Economics

.Offers around 200 degree programs(Oceanography, Photography, Int'l Business)

.Famous Alumni:Barack Obama Sr., father of USA President with B.A. in 1962

.Offers classes of 20 students, 71% of acceptance rate, and 17% of 4 year graduation rate
.Very well-known athletics program and spends $29.6 million a year

.Rainbow Warriors and Wahine teams compete in the NCAA Division 1 and is one of the best teams in the nation

.Famous Alumni:Heather Bown, USA indoor volleyball Olympian
Nuu Fa'aola, former NFL runningback for the Miami Dolphins in 1989
.The Arts Department includes:Musical Theater, Graphic Design, Drawing/Painting, and many more artistic skills

.Less emphasized or focused on than the athletics or academics at UH

.Famous Alumni:Stan Sakai, comic book creator
Bette Midler, singer/actress

.UH's Department of Art and Art History is a comprehensive and diverse center for Asian and Pacific arts and Visual Arts graduate study
Maluna a ha lahui a ke kenake
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