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A Snicker of Magic

No description

Mikel Johnson

on 17 January 2016

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Transcript of A Snicker of Magic

A Snicker of Magic

If the author told me to eliminate one of the characters in the story, I would eliminate Big Bruce because he is briefly talked about, and the story wouldn't change if he was not included.
"What If"
It would impact the story if the setting was moved to New York City because this story's setting is in a rural area. It is a small town, and it is surrounded by a forest. New York City is urban, and it is home to thousands of people, so the characters in the story wouldn't all know or meet each other like they do in Midnight Gulch.
"What If"
If I was in the story as a character, I would fill the role of another student at Stoneberry Elementary. I would change the outcome of the story by being nice to Felicity in the beginning of the story, and then she wouldn't be as nervous to compete in the duel at the end.
"What If"
If the conclusion changed and a new ending was created, I would change the way Aunt Cleo treats Day Grissom. Instead of treating him rudely, Cleo would treat him kindly and with respect.
"What If"
If the main character woke up in the middle of the book and told me everything I had heard up until that point didn't really happen, and it was just a dream, it would change the story. This is because Felicity would have never met Jonah(Felicity's friend who helps solve the conflict of the story). Therefore, the curse that sent the magic away would have never been broken.It would also change the story because Felicity's father might not have left felicity and her family.
"What If"
"What If"
If I had to add events to the rising action without changing the climax, I would add a chapter at the beginning of the book about Felicity's past including where she used to live before her dad left her. If she traveled before her dad left, I would want to know where they went.
Felicity is the main character in this story. She has trouble speaking to everyone but her family. Because of this, she writes down words that interest her in her blue book.
Two brothers, Stone and Berry, were magical musicians. They could play a song and everyone in town would hear it and start dancing. Sadly, they loved the same girl named Isabella Thistle. Envious of each other, the brothers had a magical duel. The loser was cursed with a wandering heart. Stone lost the duel and left the town never to do magic again. But Berry missed his brother and went out in search of him and neither were heard from again.
A Snicker of Magic is about a girl named Felicity and her family that is always traveling from one town to another. Felicity Pickle is different. She can see words. She sees words people are thinking about or desire, and she collects them. Although she has been all over the country, one word she has never seen is home. Then one day, she moves to Midnight Gulch. She thinks this might be a place her family can settle down in and make memories. Midnight Gulch used to be a magical place until a curse drove the magic away. Felicity can tell there's still a snicker of magic left in the town. All she must do is find a way to set it free.
Prezi by Mikel Johnson
"What If"
If I had to add events to the falling action without changing the resolution, I would add a chapter on what the townspeople thought about the duel(variety show). I would also add some other performances besides Felicity's act.
The characters in this story are Felicity, Felicity's mother, Frannie Joe (Felicity's sister), Biscuit (Felicity's dog), Jonah (Felicity's friend), Aunt Cleo (Felicity's Aunt), Uncle Boone (Felicity's Uncle) and the townsfolk. The setting is in the town of Midnight Gulch, and the conflict is the fact that Felicity's family can not settle down. They are always moving from one town to another.
Felicity Pickle
Rising Action
1. Felicity moves to Midnight Gulch.
2. She learns about the Brothers Threadbare
3. Felicity meets Jonah, Oliver and Florentine.
4. Felicity figures out her family is part Threadbare, therefore, cursed with a wandering heart.
5. Felicity sends the hope dove to Jonah's father.

Felicity and her family stay in Midnight Gulch for good!
The climax of this story occurs when Felicity
performs at the duel.
Falling Action
1. Everybody's shadows start dancing.
2. Felicity looks for her mother
3. They find her painting the gallery
4. Felicity lets the burdens out which hold the Brothers Threadbare's shadows
5. Jonah's father comes home from the military
Point of View
This stories' point of view is in the 3rd person.I know this because it uses pronouns such as he, she, it and they.
The theme of this story is that family and friends are most important.
The Curse of the Brothers Threadbare
By: Natalie Lloyd
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