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GCSE Masterclass

No description

janis bradbury

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of GCSE Masterclass

KPW Masterclass form, content and style are assuredly matched to purpose and audience Aims:
to develop your writing skills to hit A* with confidence
to extend your exploration of Different Culture Poetry
to prepare for the demands and expectations of Paper 1 Section A Well-chosen verbs, rather than heavy use of adverbs empathy exploration imaginative
interpretation relish for the language of the text. So, what does an A* candidate do? Controls Crafts Empathises Explores analyses, synthesises and evaluates crafting Scams
The purpose of this exercise is to build your fluency of thought and expression. At first, you might find that you can think of only a few sentences but, if you persist, many more will occur to you.
Concealed Colors
This game is designed to increase your flexibility and your ability to overcome the restrictions of habit. The name of what color is concealed in each sentence?

1. Newspaper editors decided to go on strike. (Red)

2. The cab lacked proper brakes to stop at the intersection. (Black) Questioning Authority

Make a list of ten unwritten rules that you seem to follow each day. Examples might be where you buy groceries, what time you get up in the morning, and what television programs you watch.

Write five-word sentences from the five given letters, one letter for each word. Here are a couple of examples:

1. Senior citizens arrange maximum security.

2. Sarcastic comments are meant seriously. SCAMS Did you get any of these? 1. Sleepy cats always move slowly.
2. Singing cellos alter mood substantially.
3. Sabotage caused army's move southward.
4. Spoiled children angered mother steadily.
5. Straightened circumstances affect man's stability.
6. Strike caused austerity moves subsequently.
7. School classes appear moderately satisfying.
8. Studious children always merit success.
9. Sly crocodiles attacked migrating settlers.
10. Siamese cats age much slower. Now try these:

1. A big, old, hungry dog appeared at our door every morning.

2. He let out a big yell, owing to the injuries he received when he fell.

3. You shouldn't sell this fossil very cheaply because it is a rare specimen.
Gold, Yellow, Silver GCSE English READING personal response references integrated with
argument and comparison WRITING controlled and sustained sophisticated Confident punctuation Lively, often unexpected, but not over-elaborate distinctive Now it's time to warm up your creative thinking... Then discuss why you follow these "rules" and what it would take to get you to break them. Are you a creative problem solver?

Look at the first sketch and imagine that you are the person shown standing in the room. You have been given the task of tying together the ends of the two strings suspended from the ceiling. The strings are located so that you cannot reach one string with your outstretched hand while holding the second in your other hand. The room is totally bare, and you have only the resources you would normally have in your pocket or handbag. How do you solve this problem? So hopefully, you're now awake, focused and ready to enjoy the day!
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