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The Great Gatspy & The Age Of Innocence

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Andrea Acosta

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatspy & The Age Of Innocence

Summary Continued
Wrote The Great Gatsby
~Born in St. Paul Minnesota
~When he moved to Paris with his newly- wedded wife , he began his work on The Great Gatsby.
~His work was mostly writings during the Jazz Age .
~ His work has been interpreted into movies many times .

F . Scott Fitzgerald
During the drive- Tom, Nick, and Jordan- come upon an accident. Tom realizes that it must have been Gatsby's car. Nick finds Gatsby dead in a pool. Nick runs into Tom soon after and finds out that Tom told Wilson that Gatsby ran over Wilson's wife. Nick decides to move back to Minnesota.
Character Study :
Jay Gatsby
Jay Gatsby is a mysterious man. He fell in love with Daisy Buchanan during his deployment during WWI. The book revolves around him trying to get Daisy back from Tom Buchanan. He triesto appeal to the audiences that attend his parties, but his main purpose for the parties is to see if Daisy will come. Gatsby always believed in "THE GREEN LIGHT", he always had hope for Daisy and never gave up.
Summary Of The Great Gatsby
Nick Carraway moved to become a bond salesman in Old New York. He rents a house in less fashionable place called West Egg. One day Nick gets invited to a extravagant Saturday night party at Jay Gatsby's house. Gatsby is very wealthy, yet such a mysterious man. Nick finds out that Jay fell in love with Nick's cousin Daisy Bunchanan during WWI. One day Daisy invites Nick and Jay to lunch with her husband Tom Bunchanan. At lunch Tom discovers that Daisy and Jay Gatsby are having an affair. Tom insists that they go to New York City. Later that same day Tom and Jay have a fight about Daisy. Tom tells Daisy to leave with Jay since he won't bother her anymore. They leave together and later, Nick, Tom and Jordan(Nick's girlfriend) leave.
Andrea Acosta
The Great Gatsby & The Age Of Innocence
Jay Gatsby was referring to Daisy. He said it wasn't the best decision to fall in love with her, but he couldn't help his feelings
Quote #1
Nick returns to the theme in this novel, focusing on the green light that endured. He is focusing on the struggle of humans trying to reach there goals
Quote #2
The Great Gatsby shows the newly portrayed rivalry between the "old " and "new" money over Daisy ( Tom & Gatsby).
Theme: Money & Class
Theme: Past & Future
The past continuously haunts Gatsby and Nick is weighed down on the future. Nick tells Gatsby "You cannot repeat the past". Gatsby replies "Why of course you can!" Gatsby has dedicated his life to capturing the precious golden Daisy. He believes money can recreate the past. Nick fears the future foreshadows the economic bust that started the Great Depression and ended the roaring twenties. The struggle between new money and old money would be the destruction of both wealth.
The age of Innocenc
e is her 12Th novel.
*born in New York City
* first woman to win "1921 Pulitzer Prize"
*died of a stoke in 1937
The Age of Innocemce
became a movie in 1993.
Edith Wharton
Summary Of ; The Age Of Innocence
In New York City, Newland Archer prepares to marry his soon-to-be-bride May Welland. The arrival of May's cousin Ellen Olenska causes Newland many distractions. Everyone at the party starts gossiping about her and later when the family tries to introduse her to the society, no one accepts. The next day Newland visits Ellens's house. He finds her art room fastinating and her friendship with Julius Beautford unsettling. When he starts talking to Ellen- he starts falling in love with her- despite his engagement to May. Worried about temptation, he goes to Florida where May vacationing and asks her to move the wedding date up. She later telegrams him and says they will be married in a month. May marries Newland. A year later they settled into a fashionable house and Ellen moved to Washington D.C. Newland sees Ellen at museum and Ellen agrees to have a one-time-affair with Newland. Newland confesses all to May,but May tells him that Ellen will be leaving to Europe and that they would be having a going away dinner that night. At the dinner Newland finds out that May and her family already knew about the affair and that Ellen's trip to Europe was their way of solving the problem. Newland is later more shocked to find out that May is pregnant and he has no other choice but to stay with her instead of going with Ellen. Years pass and May dies of pneumonia and leaves their two children with Newlan- Dallas & Mary. Dallas one day comes along on a business
Summary Cont.
trip where Dallas tells Newland that Ellen Olenska has invited them to dine. That evening outside Ellen's apartment, Newland convinces her to go without him. But in his mind, Ellen and his love was perfect and unchanging over time.
Character Study; Ellen Olenska
Ellen is May's cousin. She was educated and raised in Europe. She hopes to find a better place in New York after her former husband cheats on her, but all she finds in New York is judgemental and stifling mores. She also finds herself her love with her true, but forbidden love.
After Newland and Ellen see watch other again after a separation, he says to her" Each time you happen to me all over again." They both fall in love in an innocent way.
Quote #1
Ellen Olenska commented on the "safe feeling" New York gave her.
Quote #2
"Being here is like- like- being taken on a Holiday when one has been good and done all one's lessons"
Ellen realizes the hypocrisy of New yorkers the minute she sees them looking at her. She tells Newland many times she'd rather pretend than know the truth.
Appearances & Reality
The codes for The Age Of Innocence's society is you have to be good. This effects some of the characters personal freedom. Ellen wants to be with Newland, but she can't under the rules that her society has for her. No matter how much she loves him, she can't use her Personal freedom.
Personal Freedom
Similarities & Diffrences
Both books include the sacrifice and the love a man has for another woman. Gatsby does everything he can to be with his WWI love Daisy. Newland Archer does everything he can to be with his forbidden love despite his marriage with his wife May.
On the other hand
The Great Gatsby
focuses more on the money part of society.
The Age of Innocence
focused more on the people in the society and how you needed to act despite all your feelings.
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