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My Great Brain Project!

Oliver Ergas

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of Weapons

Can weapons help society? Homo Habilis from southern Africa ) How weapons work 11) Who invented the first weapon Crossbows and sling shots used pig guts Fire arms and projectile 2.4 million years ago Blade cuts or stabs by Oliver Ergas What would happend without weapons? Our government wouldn't be as powerful Bomb lights gun powder Shot gun bullet Machine gun bullet V) Most used weapons V1)Why most used Glock's
no hammer Semi automatic M16 Always handy V111) Evolution of weapons (ancient) Rock Bone Slingshot Bow and Arrow VII )Evolution of weapons(not mass distruction) Pepperbox Desert eagle X)Evolution of weapons
(mass destruction) Nuclear bomb The Fat Man F-15 Eagle XM214 Minigun Colt M4 Opinion X1) Best weapons Barret 50 Micro uzi Atomic Bomb Little Kid How do weapons help? Dissuade others Survival at hunting Defence of country How do weapons harm? War Killing and harming Civils and Soldiers are mutilated and maimed 1)Weapon classification Military Air force Navy Police handguns missile launchers submarine warship spy planes



air fight

troop carriers Infantry weapons Img
infantery support Infantry missiles artillery
anti tank missiles Combat vehicle auto grenade launchers
Canions self-propelled Air self-propelled
Armored Vehicle Canons tube weapons smart missile Air planes Air artillery Missiles Machine guns Canons driven missiles straight missiles bombs smart bombs Weapon defenition An instrument of attack or defense in combat. Sword The most influential inventions
in human history The individual power require
physical strength
motor skills to handle tear gas 40,000 to 25,000 BC
The atlatl 23,000 BC
Boomerangs 20,000 BC
The earliest arrowheads 5300 BC
Horses are first domesticated 5000 BC
The Bronze Age 1000 BC,
Swords are intertwined 500 BC
The traction trebuchet 800 to 1300 AD
Gunpowder 1200 to 1600
Firearms technology 1368 to 1644
China's Ming Dynasty drives firearms technology 1750 to 1800s
Rockets 1775
The first submarine 1803
The British army begins using shrapnel shells 1836 revolving gun 1851 to 1861
The first machine guns appear 1862
The USS Monitor First step was to make tools Second step dominate the environment "Then began the revolution in hunting and control" Long time of training Firearms changed the situation • Required to aim the gun
• Might the fuse (matchlock)
• Minimum of training
• Hability to kill from a distance Scopes were growing
s XV musket was 50m.
s XVIII spark a musket gun 150 m.
s XIX lined canyon 500m.
s XX machines guns 3,5 km. to get food by hunting Damage enviroment WHY? How? Differences between hunts and military weapons began:

Inventions missile weapons
Bow and arrow
handdle 3000 A. C. Babilonians 2000 años A. C. Fenician ships 700 AC vikings, . 1000 A.C. greek ships crossbow 300 AC Romans Ships The Age of sailboat s xv s xx battleship 1918 1918 aircraft carrier Evolution of warships
Age of rowing and sailing Millitary inventions Name Original purpose Civilian uses Aircraft Tracking Radar Force Early warning radar ,Defence systems Microwave oven, Air traffic control system Ballistic Missiles Long range attack Space exploration, communication, weather and global positioning satellites Night vision Visibility for military personnel Low light photography Nuclear Technology Nuclear weapons Nuclear medicine,
Nuclear power electricity Digital Photography Spy Satellites Cameras INTERNET survive nuclear attack World Wide Web GPS Nuclear weapons force multiplier Navigation,
personal tracking Jet Engine - Jet fighters,
jet bombers airlines assault rifle The first weapons Objetive:
to overpower others. 1st World War (1914-1918)37mill.
2st World War (1939-1945)60 mill.
Others wars ( 1800- 1990) 43 mill Law and order Development new tenology With weapons People became more powerfull Governments were able to extend their
power and resources. Conclusion
¨Weapons have pros and cons.In my
point of view, weapons have been a good invention because they have help balance our nations warefare¨

¨Finally, the most important part is that we have benefit as a society from the invention that came from the civil uses of weapons invention¨ M 16 Glock 18 Pocket knike The End http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af3YAP6TBmk&feature=related
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