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MMA Presentation

No description

Jenna Drenten

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of MMA Presentation

‘Pinteresting’ Pedagogy:
Exploring the Value of Pinterest as an Educational Tool in the Marketing Classroom

What is Pinterest?
Pinterest & Marketing Education
What's Next?
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Jenna Drenten
to discuss primary benefits and potential pitfalls of utilizing Pinterest in the marketing classroom
to outline two methods of utilizing Pinterest in the marketing classroom
Pinterest is:
a social bookmarking website
driven by visuals & themes
Why is Pinterest important in marketing education?
a rising star in social media & branding
differentiated learning & visual learners
Intro to Advertising - Personal Branding Project
Advanced Advertising - National Student Advertising Competition
informative approach
interactive appproach
Focus group (6 males, 8 females)

Enrolled in both advertising courses

Pseudonyms applied in findings
Idea collaboration
Organization of visual content
“Especially when you compare it to emailing pictures. Email is so hard to find things. I’d go to look for an example of an ad someone sent me in my email and it was lost. I’d think, ‘Okay, where the heck is this picture.’
Pinterest was a lot more organized
(Samantha, F, 21)
“I did look at things on there.
I watched the videos and looked at design templates and stuff.
I didn’t necessarily participate, but I still used it. I definitely think it was better than posting stuff on Blackboard or something.” (John, M, 22)

I was shown some cool ideas
for last semester with the Brand You project for like resume ideas and cover letter ideas. I definitely used it more for the project last semester.” (Rick, M, 22)
“I liked it because, well, obviously, I’m used to Pinterest, and you can go back and
look at things that we’ve talked about in the past or that other people have seen and it kind of sparks an idea
." (Jamie, F, 22)
Making Connections
“I honestly did not use it once. I just didn’t know how to work it. I mean,
obviously the girls know how to work it.
I would see something and think, ‘I want to put that on Pinterest’ but then I’d think, ‘Wait, I don’t know how to do that.’” (John, M, 22)
Gender Differences

I think if everyone is posting things, it can easily run away
and kind of get too overwhelming. I liked the fact that last semester you had your own board. I could go on there quickly and see different ideas and get good input quickly and kind of move on.” (Jacob, M, 22)
Ease of Use
Move beyond the advertising / IMC classroom
Quantitative research - student outcomes
Next Steps
social media
marketing research
consumer behavior
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