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Pulling glasses apart

No description

yewon cheon

on 18 September 2016

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Transcript of Pulling glasses apart

Pulling glasses apart
experimental design
drainage of the liquid
the existence of an "immobile" layer of the liquid
Put a thin layer of water between two sheets of glass and try to separate them. Investigate the parameters affecting the required force.
using the interactions within the water layer itself
interactions within the liquid
Pulling glasses apart
using the drainage of the thin liquid film
attractive forces & repulsive forces
the molecular diameter and the distance
the arrangement of water molecules
surface roughness
applying a constant direct voltage between the two glasses
the electrical capacitance
attractive van der Waals and repulsive electrostatic double layer forces
repulsive “hydration” forces and attractive “hydrophobic” forces
A∝1/(D-2D_s )
dC/dh∝1/(D-2D_S0 )
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