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Lord of the Flies "Huts on the Beach"

No description

Vanessa Shaw

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies "Huts on the Beach"

Huts on the Beach
By: Brandi and Vanessa Characters Summary Storyline After Ralph mentions to Jack that he feels Jack is trying to get out of the real work, the dislike between the two characters grows. This is also the chapter where we see that Simon is different from the rest of the boys. He goes off into the forest until he finds a place of peace and serenity. None of the other boys have found this place but him. In the Lord of the Flies book, we start off with Ralph, an independent leader. He meets the rest of the boys on the island which he doesn't quite get along with the best. We also get to know Piggy, Jack and Simon quite well. Piggy is scientific. He quotes in the book that "life is scientific". This chapter is where the insanity and loss of civilization starts to begin. Jack starts to lose his sanity when he becomes more and more obsessed with killing a pig. It is where his trait of determination comes into play. He is too determined with killing a pig and he isn't focusing on the main issues and what they need to have and do for survival. After a dreadful plane crash, roughly 21 young boys from ages 6-13 were trapped on an island. The pilot was no where to be found. They needed to fend for themselves until they were rescued but no one knew how long that would be. The boys vote Ralph as their chief because he is the one who called them with the conch. This chapter also shows Ralph's leadership skills when he is trying to build huts for the younger boys so that they have a sense of "home". It is shelter for bad weather and gives them some place to sleep at night. Ralph gets upset because he is realizing that no one is taking their responsibilities seriously. Lord of the Flies Summary Summary Characters Jack is stubborn and determined but not in the right way. He is determined on killing a pig and likes the thought of discipline and many rules. Simon is a brave, Christ like figure in this book. He faces the "devil" by himself. Even after he knows what is on top of the mountain, he still suggests that they go back. Storyline Piggy is considered as Ralph's right hand man, but yet he is shut down very often by all the boys, including Ralph. Ralph only sets down a few rules at first. He wanted the boys to keep a fire going as a signal for any possible ships. He also wanted them to gather food and water and help build shelters. He wanted Jack and his boys to hunt for pigs. What he really wanted most though, was for them to take responsibility. Storyline The boys refuse to do this. That brings chaos to the island and lowers their chances for survival. Faster than expected, the boys lose their connection with civilization and lose their sanity. Jack becomes the leader of the boys by the end of the book. This shows how much the tables have turned because now the boys are following Jack and his bloodthirsty ways. Importance The chapter "Huts on the Beach" is a very important chapter in this book. It is where the characters' traits and personalities start to develop. It shows the tension between Ralph and Jack and it foreshadows that Simon will be dealing with more in further chapters. This chapter is where the readers start to become more and more interested with the book because it is where they can start to relate with the characters and understand them and their situation better. Connecting to Themes This chapter connects to the theme of taking responsibility. It shows that the boys need to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Unfortunately this doesn't happen and eventually the boys break down. The fact that they don't follow this theme shows us that taking responsibility is a big deal because if we don't take responsibility situations will just get worse.
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