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Sexual Assault on College Campuses

No description

Emily Stoken

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Effects on Victims
Decline in Academic Performance

Social Withdrawal

Difficulty forming relationships

It's up to
Effects of the Problem
Optional Solutions
Certain optional solutions for sexual assault on college campuses are more effective than others.
Sexual Assault on College Campuses
Emily Stoken, Marissa Kemerer, Hayley Treml, Ellen Gray
"Sexual assault is a crime of violence. It is meant to degrade, humiliate, and control. The attacker can be a stranger or someone known and trusted. It can happen to anyone, at any time, at any place. The trauma of being assaulted is a shock from which many victims never fully recover."
-Eastern New Mexico University
Take action!
Realize the odds and change them.
In a survey of 18 college students, 11 reported being sexually assaulted or knowing someone that was.

Presentation of the Problem
Sexual assault on college campuses will become more accepted if it's extermination does not become a priority to college and law officials.
1 in 4
college women reported being sexually assaulted
1 in 5
college women reported being sexually assaulted

College sexual assault is so destructive to the victims and communities involved that there must be more action taken to prevent it.
Mental Effects
PTSD, self-harm, eating disorders, suicide...
Physical Effects
13 times more likely to commit suicide than another person

6 times more likely than victims of other crimes to commit suicide
1 in 1500
college students is HIV positive
The University of Virginia
Gang rape
of freshman girl for
three hours
straight with a beer bottle
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
35% of victims unable to complete an assignment
30% of victims unable to eat
Effects on the University and Community
Harms safe and comfortable learning environment
Public distrust of the university
University forced to pay a fine
Must be easier for victims to report incidents
Must be cost neutral
Must make students feel safer as a whole
Must increase safety for victim in advance and after the fact
Must decrease number of sexual assaults occurring
Must increase awareness of the issue
Must make students more responsible
Freshman Class/Orientation
More of a "concept"
Cannot be enforced onto students
Amount spent determines success
Student Living Security
Non-effective Solutions
Effective Solutions
Harsher Punishment
In a survey of 47 people, 31 people included jail time as a consequence for committing sexual assault
The Buddy System
Students take responsibility for each other
Out of the 47 people, 30 felt that stricter punishment would help eliminate the frequency of sexual assault on college campuses
About 49% of the people we surveyed know someone or multiple people that have been sexually assaulted on a college campus
86 colleges
are undergoing investigation
for denying students equal rights to education by wrongly handling sexual assualt cases
("Blue Light Phones")
("Heterogeneous Survey")
("Heterogeneous Survey")
("Heterogeneous Survey")
of completed rapes are committed by
of the victim

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Lizzy commited suicide as a result of her rape (Erderly, Sabrina)
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("Campus Sexual Assault")
("Campus Sexual Assault")
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(Heterogeneous Survey)
This IS a reality
("Here's Your Taking")
Use the information we have to
make a difference.
Buddy system guidelines
Utilize the power in numbers!
Student responsible should refrain from alcohol or drug use.
Getting dormitory RAs involved in student safety
Justice must be served to those confirmed of committing the crime.

"The campus disciplinary program seeks to determine whether the institution's sexual misconduct policy was violated, and the criminal justice system seeks to determine whether the alleged attacker is guilty of a criminal act."
Our survey found that most people are in favor of expulsion of the confirmed perpetrator.

All misconceptions must be eliminated as effectively as possible.
Accessibility is crucial to raising overall awareness.
Policy must present defined rules, definitions, laws and reporting requirements.
Prevention of future threats is just as important as serving justice to crimes that have already occurred.
To accomplish we must take action.
The Justice Department estimates that fewer than 5% of attempted or completed rapes are reported to law officials.
Jesse Matthews
Hannah Graham
It is estimated that close to 50% of college women will experience some form of sexual assault by the time they graduate.
("Campus Safety")
Public Misconception of Statistics
Victims don't report incidents because they don't think they have been "legally" raped.
of perpetrators report being intoxicated

of victims also report being intoxicated
Reported alcohol as being the leading cause of sexual assault.

Know a victim or multiple victims.
(Heterogeneous Survey)
Help make students safer,
sexual assault
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Prevent harmful actions and effectively handle ones that have already occured.
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About 49% of the people we surveyed have known someone or multiple people that have been sexually assaulted on a collge campus.
("Heterogeneous Survey")
(Erderly, Sabrina)
("Campus Sexual Assault")
("Heterogeneous Survey")
Stand Up?
Pennsylvania State University
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