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No description

Lisa Maccarone

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Light

Light and Matter When light waves strike an object, the light can be absorbed, reflected, and transmitted Reflection of Light Light waves always obey the law of reflection...

the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection Reflection of light waves from a smooth surface is REGULAR REFLECTION

This smooth surface produces a sharp image by reflecting parallel light waves in only one direction Reflection of light from a rough surface is DIFFUSE REFLECTION

The rough, uneven surface causes incoming parallel light waves to be reflected in many directions Light Refraction of Light Refraction occurs if a light wave changes speed in moving from one material to another Every material has an INDEX OF REFRACTION...a property of the material that indicates how much the speed of light in the material is reduced In a material, different wavelengths of light can be refracted by different amounts The amount of light that is absorbed, reflected, or transmitted depends on the material an object is made from Opaque material only absorbs and reflects light

No light passes Translucent materials allow some light to pass through

You cannot see clearly through these materials Transparent materials transmit almost all the light stricking them

you can see objects clearly through this material The larger the index of refraction, the more light is slowed down in the material
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