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The Evolution of R&B Music

No description

le'anna smith

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of The Evolution of R&B Music

The Evolution of R&B Music
Timeline: 1930's
In the 1930's, this was known as the jazz R&B music. With artist such as Paul Williams and Billie Holiday.
Billie Holiday- I'll be seeing you
Facts on R&B
R&B originated in Georgia, New York, and New Orleans in 1949.
The term "R&B" which is also known as "Rhythm and Blues" was created by Jerry Wexler.
R&B Music is a variety of soul, motown, disco, funk, rap, hip-hop, black rock n' roll, gospel, etc.
Definition of R&B:
R&B- is the collaboration of jazz and blues that was created in the U.S. by black musicians.
The End

Late 1940's
Artist such as Little Richard and Ray Charles introduced blues, gospel, and black rock n' roll!

Soul Music was very popular in the 1960's R&B music world. Artist such as Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross and the Supremes were around during this time.
Ray Charles- Hit the road jack
Motown R&B artist such as Sam Cooke and The Temptations were very popular.
Sam Cooke-Cupid
Aretha Franklin-Respect
R&B Disco Divas, Whitney Houston and Donna Summer were very popular back in the 70's!
Whitney Houston-I will always love you
Michael Jackson a.k.a. "King of Pop", and Prince were big Pop and Dance artist in the 80's.
Michael Jackson- Billie Jean
Hip-hop and R&B music were very popular in the 90's, with artsit such as Mariah Carey and Beyonce.
Mariah Carey-Fantasy
Hip-hop was really popular during the 2000's, with artist such as Keri Hilson and Chris Brown.
Chris Brown- I'll call ya
Last, currently there are varieties of R&B music with new and unique artist such as Miguel and Jhene Aiko!
Jhene Aiko- The Worst
How R&B has changed.
To be honest, I have seen a change in R&B music. R&B had a lot of meaning. It used to be about the love of music, however artist today make music just for entertainment and to make money.
Impact on society
R&B music has influenced other genres of music, has influenced dance, fashion, attitude, and language.
R&B has maintained to promote unity and understanding among different cultures.
How has R&B influenced me?
R&B music has influenced my taste in music a lot. Stevie Wonder, Aaliyah, and Keyshia Cole are my three favorite artist and their music has really inspired me to be a singer.
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