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Post-War Fashion

No description

Taylah Banham

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Post-War Fashion

THE DECADES Post-War Fashion War Time Fashion Fashion prior and during the war had a very tailored appearance. Women's clothes resembled military style uniform Men were rarely seen without a suit. But come each new year and decade, fashion continued to evolve and change, due to new influences and technology. Addition of the American influence. General culture of rebellion From 'Hippie' to 'Disco' The bigger, the better. The
"anti-fashion" decade. Influences on fashion: - lifestyle
-movies The constant influences on Australian fashion: Women's Fashion Men's Fashion Rock and Roll 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's More money available in Australia.
Teenagers didn't have to start working as early.
Money was spent on things such as clothing, music and entertainment. -Rejection of niceties.
-Ignorance of conventional image of previous era.
-Breaking of traditions. First Mini-Skirt Women's Fashion -Television first introduced to Australia in 1956.
-And colour television in 1967.
-Overseas influences reached us much more quickly. Eg: Lifestyle, movies, celebrities, music and fashion. Hippies Disco Women's Liberation Fads Two major movements: #1 - rejection of fashion
#2 - adoption of tattooing, piercing and body modification. Grunge Body Modifications Lack of Fashion By Taylah Banham Bibliography:
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