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Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

No description

Janice Gargle

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

The Saint Valentine's
Day Massacre The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre started out as a rival between two men which lead to a carefully planned attack that resulted in the deaths of seven men. The Roaring Twenties Prohibition
Creation of gangs Gangsters fought for... Power
Revenge Status
Money Alphonse Capone Al for short

Nicknamed "Scarface"

South Side gang George Moran Nicknamed "Bugs"

North Side gang Speakeasies Hidden Bars

Sometimes found

Dancing and
Partying Breweries Made and packaged
alcohol Illegal at the
time Gambling Joints Games and
entertainment Mostlly for
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<http://crimeinchicago.blogspot.com/2012/03/st-valentines-day-massacre-vs-st.html>. Al Capone-Crime Czar of Chicago Tensions between Capone and Moran Peace Treaty in 1926 Leading gangsters
Territories and alliances
Did not hold Bootlegging Battles and Shooting War Moran joins Dion O'Banion Attempted assassination
of Jack "Machine Gun" McGurn Capone wants revenge and
Moran dead

Capone puts McGurn in
charge of the plan The Plan Location
Identity and
Lookouts February 14, 1929 The line up

The shoot out

The lives of six
men taken No Moran but... A survior: Frank Gusenberg

"No one shot me." Police investigate Reasoning

Eyewitnesses Capone Stands Out No proof

A cold case Murder weapons found Capone is a target
again "I get blamed for everything
that goes on around here." Aftermath Mystery No arrest
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