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Future forms

No description

Gordana Popovic

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Future forms

Future forms in brief
- prediction (opinion)
e.g. He will never be successful.
- prediction (belief)
e.g. I believe cities will be more crowded in future.
- promise
e.g. Don't worry! I won't tell a soul.
- sudden decision
e.g. There's someone at the door. I'll go and see.
going to
Present tenses
The Present Continuous for future arrangements
e.g. I'm leaving on Monday morning.

The Present Simple for schedules and timetables
e.g. The conference starts at 10am sharp.
Future Continuous
- an action which will be in progress at a certain point in future
e.g. What will you be doing this time tomorrow?
Future Perfect
- an action which will be finished before a stated future time
e.g. By June we will have finished our exams.
- plans, intentions
- prediction based upon present evidence
We'll be counting stars...
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