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The Coahuiltecans Tribe

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Avery :)

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of The Coahuiltecans Tribe

The Coahuiltecans Tribe
Who were the Coahuiltecans?
The Coahuiltecans were a nomadic Native Indian tribe that lived in the Coastal Plains along both sides of the Rio Grande. They wore little to no clothing due to the hot and dry climate. Since they were nomads and moved around a lot, they used a wikiup as their shelter, since it was pretty small and portable. They were known for their speed and long distance running.
The Coahuiltecans were primarily buffalo hunters, and their go-to weapon was the bow and arrow. They were mainly hunter-gatherers and feasted on small game such as rabbits, turkey, squirrels, deer, and fish. They also ate cacti (prickly pears), beans, nuts, spiders, sotol, lizards, snakes (Including rattle), agave, misquite, and occasionally undigested seeds from deer dung. There was limited farming, so the Coahuiltecans weren't able to grow many crops.
Did you know?
-Spanish brought European disease that killed many entire Coahuiltecan bands (approximately 161).

-At least 7 different languages are known to have been spoken, one of which called Pakawa was spoken by a number of bands near present day San Antonio.

-Most of the bands apparently numbered between 100 and 500 persons.
Where did they reside?
The Coahuiltecans occupied the southern tip of Texas in The Coastal Plains region, underneath present day Corpus Christi on both sides of the Rio Grande river. They lived in the time period known as the "Little Ice Age." The Coahuiltecans lived in small circular huts called wikiups, which were small and portable, good for the nomadic tribe.
Traditions, Customs, and Rituals
The Coahuiltecans shared common traits of being non-agricultural and living in small autonomous bands with no political unity above the level of the band and the family. One of the rituals they did was that they came together in large numbers for all-night dances called mitotes in which peyote was eaten to achieve a trance-like state.
Andrea Martinez and Avery Ball
Coastal Plains
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