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The New Fahrenheit 451 Album

No description

Benjamin Harrison

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The New Fahrenheit 451 Album

Fahrenheit 451 Soundtrack
Linkin Park x Steve Aoki
A Light That Never Comes
I chose this song because, the lyrics relate to the book, because Montag wants the society to change.
But he never gets a chance, just like the title.
Disco Inferno
The Trammps
I chose this song because the chorus says "Burn, baby burn!".
It corresponds to the time where the old woman burned herself in her house.
Finger Eleven
I chose this song to be first because the lyrics go well for when Montag met Clarise
"I'm not paralyzed but I seem to be struck by you..."
Hollywood Undead
I chose this song to be last because it corresponds to when Montag bombed the city.
Set Fire to the Rain (remix)
This song corresponds to when Montag was assigned to burn his house and did.
The Kill
30 Seconds to Mars
This song is attributed to when Montag points his flamethrower to Beatty to kill him.
Burn Them Down
Benjamin Harrison
The Animal Song
This song is attributed to when Beatty lectures Montag because he teaches somebody and this song teaches little kids.
Don't Let Me Be Lonely - The Band Perry
This song corresponds to when Clarisse was dead and Montag realised he lost almost everything.
______I'm So Sick_____
This song is a song that corresponds to when Montag calls in sick.
This song corresponds to when Montag escapes from the society and feals unbeatable.
We Used To Be Friends
Dandy Warols
This song is about betrayal, which corresponds to when Mildred denounced Montag
Someone Saved my Life Tonight
Elton John

This song is about meeting Faber who changed Montag's life and saved him.
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