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Battles of WWII

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diego leal

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Battles of WWII

Battles of WWII Bulge Iwo Jima http://worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar283640&st=battle%20of%20iwo%20jima Iwo Jima was one of the major battles between the U.S. and Japan.
Capturing the island Iwo Jima would guive a great aid to the U.S. Airforce, since Iwo Jima was 750 miles south of Japan.
Iwo Jima had an air base that could be used by the U.S. fighters.
In that time, fighting airplanes didn't have long distance ranges.
That made it harder for them yo protect their bombers all the way.
This wasn't going to be an easy mission, since at that time there was about 21,000 Japanise troops stationed at the island, ready to protect it.

The Fight Starts! February 19, 1945, U.S. Marines land in Iwo Jima.
Japanise troops could only hold on untit March 16.
Out of the 25,000 marines that fought in Iwo Jima, 30% were killed or wonded.
More than 20,000 Japanise solders died. The battle of the Bulge was the biggest battle fought by the Americans in WW2.
This battle was fought in the Ardennes forest, Belgium and Luxembourg in Dec. 1944.
This battle is known as the Battle of Bulge because of the bulging shape of the battle ground.
Adolph Hitler wanted to divide the Allies so they would stop suplying each other.
Hitler's plan was to do a massive atack and then take over Antwerp port, wich was a huge supply rute fot the Allies.
By 1945, the Germans had lost the battle. The lack of fuel made it impossible for them to win.
600,000 American troops fought in the battle. 81,000 Americans lost, 100,000 Germans captured, killed, wounded.

http://worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar729758&st=battle+of+the+bulge http://thepirata.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/flag-raising-on-iwo-jima.jpg http://www.mdva.state.mn.us/images/IwoJimaFirstFlagRaising.jpg http://www.seacoastmarines.com/Iwo%20Jima%20Map.jpg http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/battle_of_the_bulge.htm http://wallpapers-free.co.uk/backgrounds/history/world_war_two/battle-of-the-bulge.jpg http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/wwtwo/images/dday_gal_tank.jpg Okinawa The battle started in April 1945.
This is one of mayor battles in WW2.
The Americans wanted to capture Okinawa, so they could destroy Japan's merchant fleet and use it's airstrips for bombing raids in Japan's Industries.
The U.S. didn't have much information in the island, but tehy estimated that tere was 65,000 Japanese troops in the island.
There was, actually, over 130,000 troops and 450,000 civilians.
The Americans had 180,000 solders.
The attack was to begin in April 1, 1994
Kamikazes made it dificult for the American ships.
21 American ships were sunk and 66 damaged.
By July 2nd, the Americans secured Okinawa.
http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/battle_of_okinawa.htm http://www.glogster.com/media/2/4/66/84/4668494.jpg http://semperparatus.com/images/w2_okinawa_f4u-corsair_.jpg The End
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