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No description

Emily Rand

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of FMS

7 Movements
Why am I injured? BJJ
Movement and fundamental inconsistencies
Predict risk
FMS Normative values in a young active population
108 females and 101 males ages 18-40
No statistical difference
Female vs male
Those who reported previous injury and those who did not
Identify risk and dysfunction

Develop personalized corrective program

Monitor progress
The Functional Movement Screen by Emily Rand and Lauryn Beecher
We're movement patterns, the parts within that are the key components
The Functional Movement Screen
Exercise Philosophy: Functional Movement Systems
Science, Innovation, current research
Ranking and grading system for movement patterns
Generates the Functional Movement Screen Score
What it Does
Simplifies the concept of movement and its impact on the body

Corrective Strategies
Gray Cook
Founder of Functional Movement Systems
Introduced the "systems" approach
Lee Burton
President of Functional Movement Systems
Athletic Trainer, presenter, consultant
Developed the FMS
Youth Sport Injuries
Youth sports injuries are on the rise

Physical activity

Level of activity

Role of FMS
How can a test keep you on the mats?
Dysfunctional patterns vs. acute injuries
Yoga classes on shift (6 weeks)
108 firefighters
no prior experience
77 pre and post test
Paired t-tests reveled significant improvements in FMS
Functional fitness improvements after a work site-based yoga initiative
Can Serious Injury in Professional Football be predicted by a Preseason FMS?
Objectives: determine relationship
Methods: scores obtained for 46 players
Results: 14 or less positively predicted serious injury
Conclusion: fundamental movement if an identifiable risk factor (dysfunctional movement patterns)
Use of a Functional Movement Screening Tool to Determine Injury Risk in Female Collegiate Athletes
Athletes often use compensatory movement strategies to achieve high performance
Objectives: Do these compensatory movement pattens predispose athletes to injury?
Methods: FMS for 38 NCAA Division II female athletes
Results: 69% of athletes scoring 14 or less sustained an injury
significant correlation
Conclusion: Compensatory fundamental movement patterns can increase injury risk 4-fold
Variety of fields
Sets a baseline for movement
Predicts risk of injury
Any Questions?
How it Works
Movement Hierarchy
6. Deep Squat
5. Hurdle Step
4. In-line Lunge
3. TSPU (Trunk Stability Push-up)
2. Rotary Stability
1. ASLR & Shoulder Mobility
Corrective Exercises and Progress tracking
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