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Diary of Wimpy Kid

No description

Benjamin Kivisalo

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Diary of Wimpy Kid

Diary of Wimpy Kid
By Benjamin Kivisalo
Hard Luck
Main Characters
Rodrick, Many, Greg, Greg's mom/dad ,Rowley
other characters are
Rowley's girl friend, Greg's dad
Family of Greg
Greg, Rodrick, Many, Greg's parents
School, Greg's house
First school Greg and Rowley went to school and Rowley met a girl. Then Rowley pushed Greg away from his life and only had the girl in his heart. So Greg was alone for long time.
Greg found Magic Ball 8 and he kept it secret from his mom, because she had hidden it from Rodrick. So Greg founded from his mom's cloth set and he was finding other stuff and he found his old pajama,but he didn't want to take it off so he wearied it under his cloths. He went to school pajama under neath his cloths.
Author's Picture
Jeff Kinney
Details of Jeff Kinney
Jeff Kinney has wrote
1.Diary of The Wimpy Kid
2.RockRick Rules
3.The Last Straw
4.Dog Days
5.The Ugly Truth
6.Cabin Fever
7.The Third Wheel
8.Hard Luck

The end
End of the story
Rowley's heart broked when his girl friend's x-boyfriend got back together also Rowley and Greg were best friends again and drinked beverages.
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