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Napoleon's Buttons Salt


Taylor Panning

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon's Buttons Salt

The authors insightfully describe how in India (and other colonies), “control of salt supplies meant political and economic control” (305). The British were able to effectively control the salt trade in India, and in so doing cemented their grip on the country. One of the key events leading to the British loss of India was when it lost control of the salt trade following Gandhi’s famous protest. As Napoleon’s Buttons chronicles well, salt has been an integral substance in human history. salt has been a major player not only in global trade but in economic sanctions, monopolies, wars, the growth of cities, systems of social and political control, and migration of populations Evaporation

Boiling down of brine
(spring water)

or mining rock salt Salt is deliquescent meaning it abzorbs water from the air cities such as Venice started around salt mining communities Halite solubility is 36 grams to 100 grams of cold water, which is farm more soluable then other minerals. Without this quality of salt, life as we know it wouldn't be possible swedish suante August Proposed oppositely charged ions as an explaination for the properties and structure of salt
explained why acids, dispite seemingly different structures, have similar properties. Our Bodys Need Salt Sodium potassium pumps
Nerve and muscle movement
Needed for HCL stomach acid
High amounts of salt cause
High BP
Kidney and liver disorders Low amounts of salt cause
Loss of weight and appitite
Nausea avg of 4 OZ salt per person salt has been used for centuries to dry
preserve foods SALT By, Taylor Panning Ways To obtain Salt mines within the Himalayan foothills of Pakistan. Discovery of this salt was made around 327 BC, in the time of Alexander the Great
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