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How to Make a Whistle

No description

josh mead

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of How to Make a Whistle

a pair of safety glasses
block of acrylic
the whistle kit
a vertical ban saw
a disk sander
a lathe
a drill press
a drill
a pencil and ruler
wax (optinal)
a small cloth (optinal)
Step 2
Once it is cut with a ruler draw two diagonal lines on the base of the acrylic block to find the middle.
Step 1
Put your safety glasses on then to make a cut on the ban saw you have to turn it on then get your fence and line it up to cut an inch then push the acrylic up against the fence and slide it through the blade of the ban saw once its cut stop the saw and push out the acrylic you have completed step one.
How to Make a Whistle
In this prezi I will give you
step by step instructions
to making a whistle.

Step 3
Take the block of acrylic and line up the middle with the drill bit on the drill press then once its lined up you fix it to the clamp and turn the drill press on. Then every time you pull it up and down and use a long piece of wood to take off the left over acrylic from the drill bit. Once you have drilled through you stop the drill press then take the block out of the clamp.

Step 4
After you finish drilling you get the small metal tube from your kit and put gorilla glue then carefully put the tube in the hole till its fully in after that wait 24 hours for the glue to dry.
Step 5
When the glue is dry take the block and start the disk sander wait till its up to speed when its up to speed start to push the block up against the disk and push it back and forth four times then turn it and keep on doing that till the metal tube is shiny then do that to the other side after both sides are shiny then the sander.
Step 6
After finishing step 5 take a drill and put the drill bit in the hole of your block and and pull the trigger to clear any extra acrylic from the inside of the block. Then slide the block on the mandrel after that put a divider on the mandrel.
Warning do not get
on hands
Always wear safety glasses.
Step 7
With the block on the mandrel lock the mandrel in to place on the lathe then turn the lathe on and turn the dial to ten then turn the lever and when the tool has past the block use the wheel to move the tool back then do the same process in till you are happy with the size.
final step
take all the parts out of your kit and attach you key ring to your end part then take your front part and your acrylic and line it up in the press then pull the lever till it it fully in with no gaps. Then take the end bit and the acrylic and front bit attached and line it up with the press and pull till there is no gaps.
Step 8 (optional)
keep the lathe spinning and take the wax and push it on the acrylic and move down the block then take the cloth and push it hard against the acrylic to give it that bowling ball shine once happy with the results stop the lathe and take the mandrel out then take the acrylic off.
Thanks for watching
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