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Gupta Empire

No description

David Madison

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Gupta Empire

Culture in the Gupta Empire was defined by arts,literature and scholars. There were scientific discoveries during those times such as the discovery of Medicines,the length of a year, learning that Earth is round and the solar calender, Pi,and the decimal system . The Gupta Empire is known as Classical Hinduism for their religion. Literature and performing arts were popular,drama and dance troupes gained popularity during these times. Kalidasa was a poet and dramatist who was popular at the time, is considered one of India’s greatest writers and his plays are still popular to this day.
Interaction with the Environment
The Environment around the Gupta Empire is fertile which is good for farming, it is also surrounded by mountains which give it protection.
Political Organization
The Gupta empire is classical era in India’s history. The Gupta empire had classical poetry, drama, painting, and architecture. At the beginning of the Gupta empire they let the people practice various religions. The beginning of the empire it was not unified they allowed local people to rule the kingdom within the empire.
Economics in the Gupta Empire were pretty steady through trade and merchants. Cloth, role in their Economy. Rulers kept irrigation functioning so their agriculture will work spices, and precious stones. Trade was done through either land or by water, on the river. Living in the Gupta Empire was pretty cheap because there was plenty of work and items that were valuable for trade. In the Gupta Empire textiles were the main industry. The government made laws to help promote trade. Agriculture also played an important smoothly.
Gupta Empire
Social structure
People in the Gupta empire interacted with each other by creating a village council,and gathering in the courthouse to watch plays and weddings. Some rules and customs the Gupta empire had were that the male members controlled the family and society. A male could have more than one wife. Widows could sometimes remarry given the circumstance. Adoption was looked down upon.
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