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Charles Herndon

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of PHILADELPHIA Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles
The Philadelphia Eagles were first established in 1933.
Philadelphia Eagles win in the NFC division
The Philadelphia Eagles won in the NFC East Division last year and this year they are yet again in 1st place(9-3), 2nd place is the Dallas Cowboys(8-4), the Washington Redskins (3-8) and the New York Giants are tied (3-8).
Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly has been with the eagles for 2 years (2013-2014) so far and has won the NFC East divsion all 2 years after coming from Oregan
Chip Kellys record with the Philadelphia Eagles wins and loses
Chip Kellys records with the eagles is 19 wins and 9 loses so far but he still haves 4 games left against Seattle, Dallas, Washington, and new york in the 2014 schedule.
Philadelphia Eagle facts
1. When the Philadelphia Eagles first joined the NFL their jerseys were yellow and blue.

2.The Philadelphia Eagles had a barefoot kicker named Tony Franklin

3.The Philadelphia Eagles have 37 Eagles in the Hall of Fame.
The history of the Philadelphia Eagles
The Philadelphia Eagles have not officially won a SuperBowl but before it was named the superbowl they won 3 National titles and were the first team to beat Vince Lombardi
Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles record right now is 9-3 with 3 games left in the season of 2014 and there one of the teams with the best record in the NFL and the best record in NFC East.
Philadelphia Eagles

another fact about the Philadelphia
Eagles is that they have faced the Washington Redskins 162 times in history.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles were inspired to
get there eagle from the National Recovery
Darren Sproles

Darren Sproles in my opinion
is the best running back. The Eagles got him from the Saints.
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