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Body Language

No description

Dan Bradley

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Body Language

What is body language?
Subjective and objective analysis of
clusters of cues based on clinical research and study.

The Pilot - the Brain

Palms up, down or out
Feet, legs,
Learning position
Women and babies
80 % success rate

Women need observation powers to
guarantee survival of babies

People remember
55% body language,
38% tone,
7% word
Some Clusters
Body Language
The limbic and the neocortex

Hint: no one factor can be analyzed in isolation. There are no quick reads. We read not just the face but the entire posture including dress.

1. Observation
2. Focus
3. Fluency
4. Cause and effect
5. Exceptions
All Expressions are Rooted
in the 7 basic emotions
2. Flight -variations (hiding)
3. Fight - variations

Gestures and verbals
1. Agree - congruent
2. Disagree - incongruent
First learned gestures and history
1. Cry 2. No 3. Smile
Hand gestures

Have you ever heard?
1. You hate me!
2. You're angry at me.
3. You never listen to me?
4. She's so mean.
5. I have a gut feeling.
Putting it all together
*1. Freeze
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