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Saman Nazir

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of SBM...DEPILEX






Introduction of Depilex.
Mussarat Misbah as an Entrepreneur.
Growth of Depilex.
Success story of Depilex.
SWOT Analysis.
Competitive advantage.
Portfolio of Depilex.
Forethought of Mussarat Misbah as an entrepreneur.
Established in 1980 by Mussarat Misbah, Depilex is the perfect example of starting a business at micro level, managing it successfully and converting the business into glorious example of success.
Initially Mussarat started the business with the name of SANTA with BABRA SHARIF at M.M.Alam road and later on separated her business with the name of Depilex.
Depilex Salon is considered as beauty icon among all salons.
In Pakistan there are 30 branches located in:
Depilex is owned by Mussarat Misbah. She is a tremendous lady who has put great effort and hard work to reach at this fame and peak.
The Stylist Musarrat Misbah started her beauty salons back in 1980’s with the latest make-up techniques. MUSSARAT MISBAH AS AN ENTREPRENEUR:
She was graduated from St. Josepha’s college in Karachi, and later she acquired guidance from some of the renowned beauty and fashion centers of the world, including France, Britain, Germany and the United States. MUSSARAT MISBAH
After the training courses, Stylist Musarrat Misbah went to Europe for advanced courses in hair and skin treatments as well as other makeup techniques. MUSSARAT MISBAH
With her sheer hard work, today, Musarrat brought the concept of a professional salon in Pakistan and has taken Depilex at a unique, outstanding, and incomparable position in the Pakistani style & Fashion world. GROWTH:
Depilex has grown from a single premise, providing professional beauty relaxation and training services to 25 separate premises.
Depilex is Pakistan's only salon that has a branch in a foreign country. Plans are underway to open new branches in England. GROWTH:
It has stood out as the epitome of glamour and fashion in the Pakistani fashion industry.
Depilex has become synonymous with health and beauty in Pakistan. 7) PLAYING WITH TECHNOLOGY:
One should know how to take advantage of technology. Misbah used the latest technology to attract the attention of target market. e.g. she used techniques for re-pigmentation. 5) LIMITED THE NUMBER OF HATS SHE WORE:
Mussarat followed this policy and she remained attached to her primary business for a long period of time unless she gathered sufficient financial and human capital to expand the business portfolio. Prior to the start of Depilex, this business was limited to Chinese parlors, that offered few services and almost no creativity in hair and makeup styles.
Depilex took upon itself to revolutionize the entire business. Following its lead, beauty salons soon sprouted in every nook and cranny of the country and women, with little or no experience, became salon owners. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE:
Musarrat created an edge over her competitors through:
1) Analyzing the target market and identifying the competition.
2) Learning from the customers.
3) Staying on the cutting edge.
4) Using Business Information Resources.
5)Optimal Use of Managerial skills. DEPILEX AS AN INSTITUTE:
Depilex offers:
Professional course.
Advance course.
Personal grooming course . BEAUTY CLINIC – OVERVIEW:
Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute is the oldest and largest brand in the field of beauty therapy, cosmetology and hair sciences in Pakistan with over 32years of experience and over 30 centers nationwide (company owned and franchises) and an international center in Dubai.
From creative portfolios to being a stunning bride, depilex beauty clinic is a hallmark of excellence in the field of making woman look the way they deserve to be… SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. HEALTH CENTER - OVERVIEW:
Health is your inner beauty and depilex understands that your inner balance is just as important as beautiful you on the outside.
The Health Center is a brand new addition under the depilex umbrella of services to reach out to the woman of today and tomorrow that care about meeting that balance of mental and physical wellness.
With a host of international programs and certified instructors, you can be sure that beauty will radiate from within you as well. SERVICES OFFERED BY DEPILEX INCLUDES:
Mussarat Misbah conceived the initial concept for the Depilex Men’s Salon in 2003. Having worked in the beauty industry for many years, she had a vision of opening a high quality men’s grooming salon. A salon where customers would feel relaxed, and where service and quality would be the order of the day.
The new vision is to extend the original concept and idea and create a space that is truly ‘ALL-MAN’!. FORETHOUGHT OF AN ENTREPRENEUR:
As we have already stated that Mussarat like all successful entrepreneur detects the future needs of the market.
“The Lounge By Depilex Men” is the prominent example of this. Few years back, Mussarat Misbah anticipated that in the near future the masculine sector of the society will be equally eager to improve its looks, beauty and body. To cater the future market needs, she lounged the project of “The Lounge By Depilex Men”. In order to explain the phenomena the how the successful entrepreneur Mussarat, hit the ideas and materialize them successfully.
We have conducted the short interview explaining the origin of the idea and its importance. CONCLUSION:
Over the years, Musarrat Misbah has attained the prominent rank and status in the Pakistani fashion industry and citizens have arrived at trust and utmost admiration for her. CONCLUSION:
Creating a market for new products and then popularizing the product is no easy job, but Mussarat aptly and gracefully handled this formidable task. Even though many salons have come up since then, but Depilex remains a force to be reckoned. If there is one salon in the country that has truly made it international, it is Depilex. Its name has become synonymous with health and beauty in Pakistan. To earn this prestigious reputation it has taken 32 years of sheer hard work, commitment, dedication and thorough skill. The entire success story of Depilex is presented to you with the motive of defusing the impression that less investment ,limited exposure and fewer human capital can not lead to successful business. The fact is that serious committed attitude, consistent motivation, aggression towards work and optimal use of limited resources accompanied by patience can make anyone of us the next Mussarat Misbah. Porfolio of depilex:
Depilex as an institute
Beauty Clinic
Health Center
Depilex represents that Businesses can be started with very small investment or professional expertise and can be taken to the peak of glory and international success.
In societies, like Pakistan, successful female entrepreneurs are rare. For this reason, we choose Depilex created and successfully run by Musarrat Misbah. Who is a symbol of encouragement and motivation for the entire feminine society.
Depilex rejects the misconception of the Asian societies that females cannot run business with consistency at international level. Mariam Rehman
Roll No: 35 Neelam Ghaffar
Roll No: 08 Saman Nazir
Roll No: 024 Faryal Riaz Chatha
Roll No: 021 Muhammad Hassan
Roll No: 51 1)Analyzed the target market and identified the competition:
"Target Market" is a specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services.
Mussarat targeted the market on the basis of feminity . She targeted the women of elite class. She found out the businesses which were going after the same target market. But because of her professional expertise she did not find any serious competitor. 2) Learned from the customers:
Mussarat realized that Intimate customer knowledge is equally important as competitor knowledge. She gained in-depth insights about her customers portfolio which maximized the revenue potential, increased customer retention, and boosted up the prospective customers. 3) Stay on the cutting edge:
Once Mussarat entered in to this business, she found many competitors. And there arose the need for staying on the cutting edge. She maintained her competitive advantage by predicting future trends in market, constantly researching and monitoring her competitors, and adapting her customer’s wants and needs. 4) Used Business Information Resources:
Knowledge is power, and to gain that knowledge the information should be latest and authentic. Here Mussarat's relationship management worked. She used her personal and professional contacts to constantly upgrade her knowledge and skills. 5) Optimal use of Managerial Skills:
The key to staying organized is not about which type of business you are in, but it's about managing your business. It's about having systems in place to do things. Therefore, Mussarat established a routine by which she accomplished as much as possible in a given workday.
In fact, she developed systems and routines for just about every single business activity. Incorporating family and personal activities into your work calendar is also critical so that you work and plan from a single calendar. 3) Playing with technology:
One should know how to take advantage of technology. Mussarat used the latest technology to attract the attention of target market e.g. she used techniques for re-pigmentation. SWOT Analysis Of Depilex Factors Behind The Success Of DEPILEX:
Customer Orientation.
Development of Brand/Business Image.
Playing With Technology.
Built A Top-notch Business Team.
Limited The Number Of Hats She Wore.
Follow-ups Constantly. 1) CUSTOMER ORIENTATION:
Mussarat Misbah developed customer oriented services and strategies . Everything she did in business is customer focused, including policies, payment options, operating hours, presentations, advertising and promotional campaigns and website. 4) BUILT A TOP-NOTCH BUSINESS TEAM:
Mussarat Misbah realized in early stages of her career that no person can build a successful business alone. It's a task that requires a team that is as committed as you to the business and its success. For this very reason, she made a successful attempt to select best suppliers, business alliances, employees, sub-contractors, industry and business associations. 2) DEVELOPMENT OF BRAND/BUSINESS IMAGE:
Mussarat used her imagination, creativity and attention to the smallest detail when creating and maintaining a professional image for her business. 6) FOLLOW-UPS CONSTANTLY:
Mussarat’s Constant contact with customers, follow-ups and business relationship is the soul of her business.
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