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Sports Injuries


gEorgEttE sanchEz

on 12 February 2010

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Transcript of Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Intensity Sprinting all the way or halfway across a 70m by 50m pitch. Continuosly running forwards and backwards. Subbing of just to be subbed back on after your team attacks twice. Sprinting after the opposite team. Diving 5 metres or more By Georgette Sanchez Endurance Cardiovascular endurance The strength of your heart - This is needed to recover quickly Muscular Endurance The strength of your muscles - Depends on how much your slow twitch muscle fibers are developed. Fractured Lower Leg Possible Sports Injuries Symptoms Pain
Unable to support your weight
Open wound
Bleeding Causes Continuous Muscle stretching
Running into the defender or attacker
A dive is done wrongly and the leg twists and/or the defender falls on top of the leg, crushing it.
While running across the field you fall and twist it horribly. Finger Dislocation Symptoms Finger appears pale
Bent at strange angles
Unable to bend or straighten finger Causes Whilst being a defender you make a touch too hard and sprawl your fingers
When diving the ball is held incorrectly
when making a try your hand slips and hits the ground hard Hamstring Soft Tissue injury Symptoms Causes Swelling
Mild to moderate pain
Mild Strains
Mild Sprains Falling over
Overuse, sprinting continuously
The defender smashes into Tibia Fibula If You Injure the soft tissue in your hamstring you would feel a stinging pain and the need to grab your hamstring to reduce the pain. How You Would Feel If You Injured your tissue Where is my hamstring?
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