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dynamite industrial revolution

No description

Caroline Bescoby

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of dynamite industrial revolution

invented by Alfred Nobel
typically cylinder shaped
comes in many forms
greatly impacted Industrial
Industrial Revolution: Dynamite
Alfred Nobel
born in Stockholm, October 21, 1833
Swedish industrialist, engineer, and inventor
family descend from Olof Rudbeck- best known technical genius in Sweden in 17th century
1864- explosion killed younger brother, inspired to develop safer explosive: dynamite
used vast fortune to establish Nobel Prizes
Uses Then and Now
Lasting Impact
go-to tool for projects
much safer than previous explosives
less deaths & injuries during production & use
still used in mining, demolition, etc.
led to military dynamite, more stable, used in combat
cut concrete and steel
clearing stumps
dynamite guns
make tunnels in mountains
Invention of Dynamite
met Ascanio Sobrero- discoverer of Nitroglycerin
experiment with Nitroglycerin, detonation methods
"Initial Ignition Principle"
explosion kill brother, determined to make safer explosive
uses mud to stabilize nitroglycerin
granted patent for Dynamite in 1867
Production of Dynamite
dynamite now stable and safe to manufacture
produced on grand scale
locations throughout eastern Europe and Scotland
over 90 locations
20 different countries
originally sold as "Nobel's Blasting Power"
patent tightly controlled
unlicensed duplicating companies were shut down
How to Make
dynamite was produced in the masses in factories
special instruments used in production to prevent accidents
Step 2: Neutralizing Acidity
1% antacid added to neutralize acidity in dope
ex) calcium carbonate, zinc oxide
monitored carefully
when correct level reached, ready for packaging
this produces "straight dynamite"
Step 1: Mixing the Oil
explosive oil carefully added to mechanical mixer
oil absorbed by "dope"
Step 3: Packaging Dynamite
typically round cartridge
approx. 1.25' in diameter, 9 in long
dynamite mixture pressed into paper tube
sealed with paraffin
exists in many other forms
M & M
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