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4th Walker White Lies

A great book by Kate William

Wes Walker

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of 4th Walker White Lies

The Book
John Pfeifer is a famous sports reporter for the school news paper. He is in love with a girl named Jennifer Mitchell, but she is currently dating bad boy Rick Andover.
Rick and Jennifer have a secret plan to run away to New York and start a band. The night they started to leave Rick broke into the Mello Music Store and stole a new finder Stratocaster guitar.
John and Elizabeth decide to call the stores owner, and he contacts the authorities and Rick Andover is arrested. Jennifer is heartbroken that her boyfriend was put in jail.
Jennifer thinks her dad had Rick put in jail because she thought he was listening in on there conversations over the phone. Jennifer does talk to her dad she doesn’t even want to eat dinner with her dad.
One day at school she gets called into the office and they tell her that her dad has been put in the hospital with heart problems. Jennifer doesn’t know the truth that John and Elizabeth called the store owner.
John finally tells Jennifer that it was him that turned Rick in not her dad, but it is too late. Her dad has already started surgery and they don’t know if he will pull through.
So will Jennifer’s dad ever know the truth that Jennifer doesn’t hate him? Read on to find out.
The setting is the pleasant town of Sweet Valley. There all the teenagers of there local high school, Sweet Valley High, lounge around on the beach and hang around with there friends.
I chose this book because I have read most of the books in this series and they are really good books to read.
Rick Andover- Jennifer’s boyfriend who works at the Mellow Music Store and has a plan to move to New York and start a band but is put in jail for robbery.
Jennifer- She is dating Rick Andover and wants to move to New York.
John- Saves Jennifer from moving to New York.
Elizabeth- Helps John and gives him advice.
A.J.- Jessica boyfriend.
Jessica- Elizabeth’s sister.
Jennifer’s father- Has heart problems and is falsely accused of putting Rick in jail.
Kate William is a published author of children's books and young adult books. Some of the published credits of Kate William include On the Edge, Jessica the Genius, Case Histories, and Tall, Dark and Deadly.
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