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Careers in Chemistry

No description

Daniel Palacio

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Careers in Chemistry

Careers in Chemistry

Successful Chemistry Careers
Forensic Chemistry
• Around $65,000 annually.
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
- A degree in chemistry.
- In addition to courses in chemistry:
Mathematics (including calculus)
English composition.
Biotechnology Laboratory Technician
Scientist use living organisms to create useful products
Geneticists use biotechnology to find cures for genetic disorders
Biotech Scientists modify plants to create a more durable and efficient crop.
Medicinal Chemistry is the study of chemical element research in combination with pharmaceuticals. Medicinal chemistry is almost always based on drug discovery and development.
Maria Mejia
Daniel Palacio

Salina Bujosa
Pakeezah Zubairi

Avgustina Nikolova
Period 4

Chemistry-Related Jobs
Various careers in the world of science involve chemistry. Even though some people may not realize it, chemistry is an important part of our lives. It is involved in our food, our medicines, and even our own bodies.
There are various jobs that involve chemistry, even if they do not seem like it.

Medicinal Chemistry
Education and Training
There are various job opportunities for chemists in Biotechnology.
Biotechnology companies are usually near universities.
Pharmaceutical companies
Agricultural businesses
Opportunities grow as our understanding of manipulating organisms grows.
What do medicinal chemists do?
Medicinal chemists use their knowledge of chemistry to understand and produce pharmaceuticals.
They work with other scientists in a team to produce better pharmaceuticals and test them to make sure they work correctly to be approved by the FDA.
Education and Training
Pharmaceutical companies hire people with research experience, high degrees in organic chemistry, and at least 2 years of post-doctoral experience.
Most chemist have a Ph. D but chemists with BS degrees are usually research technicians.
$66K a year
(According to Indeed.com)
One of the reasons, I enjoy this job, because it requires good communication and problem solving skills. This is important when explaining an experience for people who are not in the science field. This is also a good job due to if, a Chemists' needs to travel overseas he or she will need to speak a multitude of languages.
Personal Characteristics
Research and other affairs are done in an indoor lab. In contrast, this is not the only place they conduct research, with chemicals or a 'hands-on' experiment the new 'lab' may be near a lake, or open water. Some companies however, have a state-in-the-art lab that as an ecosystem inside it's very own lab.
Working Conditions
In order to have a succesful career in biotechnology a graduate must have:
A degree in Bioengineering
An associate of Science-Biotechnology

Certain skills and characteristics needed are:
High degree f organization
An attention to detail
Solid problem solving skills
List of similar careers:
Quality control analyst
Biomedical engineer
Environmental Chemists'
There are many molecules in our world, and we need someone who can examine these molecules and the reactions it has on other molecules. For example, they can examine a red rock on the ground and find out how much iron it contains. As they examine compounds, they try to figure out where these compounds originated from. They try to illustrate different question they try to answer.
Organic Chemist
Medicinal chemists who had 10 to 19 years of experience earned average salaries ranging between $77,902 and $125,786 per year.
Organic chemistry is the study of carbon.
Places of Employment
The availability of jobs in this field of chemistry really depends on the economy.
People can work in an academic environment, pharmaceutical companies, or for the government.
You can choose to work in a lab environment or in a non-lab environment doing management.
Work Conditions
"Environmental Chemists" is considered a general term, due to the fact that it is not specific. Professionals describe there careers upon the tasks that they take. By "takes" I mean collecting samples, providing safety advise when it comes to emergency response and also noting governments regulations, along with accomplice issues.
Work Description
The different types of lab work
When working for a lab in the academic environment, study a compound's different mechanisms in basic research.
1. Average salary is $70,000 per year.
2. At least a bachelor's degree in chemistry is needed. If you want a higher salary, you need a higher degree.
3. Job growth is expected to be 4% between 2010 and 2020.

Organic Chemists:
1. Create useful products that benefit society.
2. Need to be active listeners, good speakers and critical thinkers, and understand science and math.
3. Encounter various opportunities to work with other scientists.
4. Exposed to hazardous materials daily.

When working for a lab in the government, lab work is not really necessary because you are working for the FDA and they just test the drugs to make sure they are safe.
Education Requirements/Wages
When working or the industry, chemists have a choice to work using labs or moving into management.
Environmental Chemists make around $22.22 per hour and $61,000 yearly. Starting Chemists make around $29,900 per year and experienced Chemists make around $76,000 per year. It also depends on the state that you live in. For example, in Seattle WA Chemists make $46,000 yearly. In Fairfax VA it is $55,000 yearly.
Job Details
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Average Salaries
Biotechnology Laboratory Technician: $40,250
Quality Control Analyst: $54,000

Salaries raise as the technician gains more years of experience.
Salaries also depend on the type of employment and company of employment.
Environmental Chemists experimenting in lab.
Apply scientific disciplines to physical evidence.
Detect, identify, and measure foreign compounds in biological and other specimens.
Most often, forensic chemists do not know the nature of the sample before they analyze it.
Explain and defend results
Testify in court.
Forensic chemists generally work in government labs, which can be small, understaffed, and underfunded.
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