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In the beginning.....

No description

nancy steffes

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of In the beginning.....

Nancy Steffes
Wayne State University
I was awarded a full graduate scholarship for my M.L.I.S. degree and completed it in one year - whew!
General Motors Media Archives was looking for indexers for a project that digitized over a million images in two years - I applied and was hired - I worked downtown in the old Argonaut building (currently a CCS campus) and then was transferred to the tech center in Warren. While there, a position opened up in the Design Library which I was fortunate to secure. I worked at GM for five years.
Wayne State University Faculty
I teach LIS 6010 at WSU because I have a well-rounded background in library science work. The experience I have gained in the archive, public, academic and special library environments enable me to present the varied areas an MLIS degree graduate can pursue.
Oh, the places you can go!
I worked as a cashier in a grocery store for 17 years while going to night school to get my Bachelor's degree - it took 20 years!
In the beginning.....
Public Library Experience
To help pay for my three children's college expenses, I worked part time at Rochester Hills Public Library for 5 years & at Clarkston Independence District Library for 5 years.
College for Creative Studies
I have worked in the CCS library for 11 years. As the Senior Librarian, I am responsible for all bibliographic instruction along with cataloging, acquisitions, & reference (and any other duties that need to be performed). I love the environment of artists in an academic setting. It is truly my dream job!
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