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The Lorax

A kids poetry book about the negative effects of the industrial revolution on nature

Anna Ewing

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of The Lorax

The Lorax By Dr. Seuss A kids poetry book showing many connections to biology and what the industrial revolution did to the environment.... The Lorax was born and raised in an environment full of interactions between the native species and the livlihood of mother nature. The community soon has a Once-ler come in and take DNA samples of the magnificant Truffula Trees to see if they are capable of making a profit for himself. He then comes to the conclusion that they will be very profitable, and starts chopping them down to make "Thneeds" in his new factory. He introduces his family to the new environment and to his ideas, bringing a non-native species into the area. The Lorax explains to the Once-Ler that his factory is causing the food shortages for the Barb-ba-Loots due to the decreasing amount of Truffala Fruits. The Barb-ba-Loots emmigrate from their native land to find food elsewhere. The Once-ler's factory starts producing a great amount of pollution. This causes the Swomee-Swans to not be able to carry out their niche in their homeland.... The Swomee-Swans are left with no choice but to escape and fly away. The Humming-Fish are then not able to live in their habitat because of the waste being poured into their pond and are forced to emigrate as well. The very last Truffala Tree is hacked and the magnificant trees are made extinct, leaving the entire area deforestated. The Lorax brings a desire for change in order to save the environment and its unique species, find out Dr. Seuss's ultimate solution when you read 'The Lorax' All of the connections to biology found through the rhyme scheme in 'The Lorax' are important to human beings and citizens of an industrialized country due to its entire point being to show the ugly side of industrialization and what can potentially happen to any country if it does not care enough about its environment to protect it from greedy business owners. Relationships and positive interactions play a huge role in industrialized countries due to the expanding business world and th demand for company partnerships. DNA samples have helped us as humans living in an industrialized country make many scientific advances towards a better understanding of life. Introducing non-native species has had both a positive and negative effect on us as humans; our ethnic groups have expanded but unfortunatly some of our non native species have taken over and killed many native ones as well. Food shortages in industrialized countries are not as common as they are in underdeveloped ones, but can still happen, and do not have a positive effect on us as humans. When a disruption occurs that does not allow humans to fulfill their own job and role in society, humans in industrialized countries are not able to support their selves or family members, and may even move to a new location Humans, especially in industrialized countries, have caused much deforestation, hurting both themselves and their environment. Many have tried to solve this problem, including Dr. Seuss.
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