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Community Spirit - Lesson 9

Activity 1: Music Database

ICT Mayfield

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Community Spirit - Lesson 9

Community Spirit: Activity 1: Music Database Lesson 6 What is a database? STARTER You are working on Controlled Assessed Coursework which is worth 60% of your final GCSE Grade. The CA is about 'Community Spirit'. You will produce a range of digital products for the CA, ranging from Audio Clips to e-Newsletters. Your final coursework is due Easter 2013. BIG PICTURE By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
Create a track list for your event that will last a session LEARNING OBJECTIVES A track list is a list of songs that will play consecutively during the event. You must ensure your track list will appeal to the target audience.
The track list must:
Include at least 10 tracks from one genre and/or decade
Be grouped or sorted to make it easy for the DJ to find tracks
Include the logo and strap line for 'Community Spirit'
Include a sensible title and column headings
Leave out unnecessary fields
Be easy to read on screen, avoiding unnecessary scrolling. INPUT: Database Music will be played at the event in sessions. Each session will require at least 10 tracks for the DJ to play. The music in each session will be from a different genre or decade. You will create one of the track lists for the DJ who will be playing the music.
Task 1: Create a track list for the event
You decide the genre of the track list and/or
You may decide you want your track list to be based in a particular decade instead e.g. the 80's or 90's ACTIVITY: Database Review your peers work;
Provide 2 strengths and
2 Next's for next lesson PLENARY Update your sources table HOME LEARNING Have you used or created one before? How are things stored in the database? What software would you use to create a database? Provide an example of a database
What is a query?
A database "query" is basically a "question" that you ask the database. The results of the query is the information that is returned by the database. The term 'query' means to search, to question, or to find. When you query a database, your searching for information in the database.
You can see the video showing how to conduct a query in Database. In the query the end user is searching for Urban Songs. INPUT: Query & Report For this task you will need to Run a Query and Create a Report. If you wanted to produce a track list for the decade, you would type >1989 and <2001
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