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In this prezi you will look through a report on rabbits, what they are,how they look like,where they live,what they do and also some facts!!!

Azura Iqbal

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Rabbits

What a RABBIT looks like
Rabbits have soft and thick fur which can be white, brown or black. Their thick fur keeps them warm in the cold. They have big ears which have excellent hearing and four strong, powerful, large legs specially adapted for hopping. Rabbits have short fluffy tails and have two pairs of sharp incisors (front teeth), one pair on top and one pair on the bottom. They also have two peg teeth behind the top incisors. Their teeth are specifically adapted for gnawing and they grow continuously throughout their lives. They have four toes on their hind feet that are long and webbed to keep them from spreading apart as they jump. Their front paws have five toes each. Rabbits have two cute eyes to find their prey, a small nose to smell their food , a mouth under their nostrils and short adorable whiskers.
-A Teton Sioux
Rabbits are warm-blooded animals which belong to the group of mammals. They belong to a family of Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha. There are about fifty species of rabbits.
body parts of a rabbit
Rabbits can be found everywhere, except of course the cold continent of Antarctica. These little creatures are mostly found in Asia, Europe and North America. They usually live in groups under the ground in small burrows and are fast runners. The best known species of rabbit is the European rabbit and creates holes under the ground. Grasslands, thickets, forests, wood and meadows are some of the areas where rabbits are most commonly found. In these areas, rabbits dig small burrows so that they can rest and hide from predators. These creatures are known to create extensive burrow systems which are called warrens.
Rabbit in cage
Bunny digging a burrow

Rabbits are alway shopping. Rabbits thump their hind feet to signal

danger. they sit up on their back feet to get a
better view of the surroundings. Rabbits will
squeal to express ext reme fear or pain. These animals
are herbivores {plant eaters}.Rabbits are fun to play with
but get scared easily!
Done By: Azura Iqbal
Rabbits can sleep with their eyes open, a useful
trick but disconcerting for us!

In the rabbit history, "
was the name of the rabbit
babies and the adult rabbits were called

Now, "
is the name of the adult and the rabbit babies
are called
what Are Rabbits
Rabbits like to eat lors of food. mostly in books you will find them eatin carrots but in real life they do eat carrots but they also eat apples, cabbage,corn, lettuce, hay,grass and some weeds.
What do rabbits do
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